Zebra Stripes Procedurally?

Anyone know if there is a way to procedurally create Zebra Stripes with nodes? I’m fiddling around with various combinations of the wave texture, but I just can’t achieve the “branching” that zebra stripes have.

Simple solution: Cycles + OSL + Gabor Noise (you can find the script in the Text Editor > Templates > Open Shading Language)
It’s also possible to bake the texture, and then use it in another engine.

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That’s such a shame too, there has been a gabor texture from Charlie Jolly just hanging around for approval for a while now. For 2.9 please haha!

AFAIK, the plans to include gabor are still on the table. :slight_smile:
Thought there’s no timeline for the implementation.

Yes that’s what I mean, it’s just been waiting for review for some time is all. Low priority I suppose.

It’s always possible just to grab that diff and build a custom Blender with it. :slight_smile:
For now, we still have 3 months to work in 2.90, so it might well be possible that it might land there (hopefully).

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