Zelda Boss Model

I am working on recreating the first boss in the original Zelda game named Aquamentus. I am using the original designs of him from the two games he has appeared and also tried to add personal touches to it.

Here are my reference pictures I am working with:

And here is my model so far:

Normally I wouldn’t show unfinished work, but I think I need some criticism. I am planning to rig this model and make an animation when I am finished.

The model looks good, but are not true to the reference image. You’ll need smaller wings with a clear bending in the middle and the tail should be shorter. The reference picture also shows muscular/fat short legs so also shorter legs with perhaps a little broader feets (and the back feet also a bit shorter).

…that if you want to stick to original, but as I started to write… the model looks good and perhaps you want to make your own version of the dragon?

Yeah, I am trying to make my own version of the dragon. I did have the wings shorter, but I then thought it looked too short from the reference pictures. I do agree the legs should be shorter. I’m not sure about the length of the tail. It looks really short from the references, but I feel like it would make him look weird.

Thank you for the reply, it really helped me.

Was this sculpted or modeled.

If you sculpted, then you could possibly proceed with detailing in some of the major scale structures like those on the belly, maybe add a few more teeth as well. It really depends on how far you want to deviate from the original sprite in terms of detail though as their resolutions are fairly low.

Dragon is a predator, his eyes need to look forward, not off to the side. Also his horn could be a bit bigger and lower on his forehead to give him a fiercer look. The original has a really thick neck, as thick as his jaw, which gives him a tough guy/thug look. You may want to try that to make your ‘boss’ more bossy.

Some parts look a bit lumpy (wings for example). Usually just simplifying the topology can clean that up. Otherwise I think it’s working pretty well.

Coincidently, I made a low-poly Aquamentus too awhile back (I based off the Zelda 1 sprite).

Wow, I wasn’t expecting anymore replies. Thank you for all your help. It is sculpted and I am still working on it. I haven’t gotten to too much detail yet. I didn’t notice that thing with the eyes so thank you for pointing that out for me Orinoco and I really like your tough guy/thug look idea. And xrg, I feel like I’ve seen that Aquamentus model you made before and I thought it looked great.

Here is an update on the model if this post hasn’t been forgotten yet.

I gave him sort of an angry dog look, but I haven’t quite reached the look I’m looking for. I’m trying to make the head like the look on Oracle of Seasons, but I can’t figure out how I can do that. I am also arguing with myself whether or not the wings are too big. I know in the reference they are a lot shorter, but i don’t really like how short they are. What do you guys think?

Looks very awesome.

He doesn’t look well balanced. I thing the front legs need to move forward. Right now he looks a bit like a teeter totter, pivoting around his front legs. Put his front legs underneath his skull. Maybe beef up his front shoulders, too.

As for his wings, since you aren’t trying to make an exact duplicate of the original, then it’s a stylistic decision. Go with whatever looks best to you.