Zelda-esque spin-off project - looking for artists/programmers

OK so here’s the deal – we have a strong fanbase, and our project is going well. However, there has been a breakup and crippled the team’s production flow due to well… that can be explained during an interview, if you’re interested.
Things are looking up and we got ourselves nearly a full-sized team, but we’re missing a 3D guy who’s capable of 3D modeling dungeons, interiors, environments and concept artists.
We’re building a team from scratch, as such we’re looking for like-minded individuals who wish to step into the gaming industry and make a name for themselves. The project in question is a learning experience, aimed at propelling all of our skills and readying a fully functional game engine ready for full-scale development.
As said earlier – we are currently seeking people who are capable of rigging 3D models with IK and control groups. Another bonus would be somebody who’s good with animations. We are taking this project with the utmost seriousness and with 100% dedication. It will also serve as the baseline for future projects. If all goes well, the dream is to pitch this unique product to a certain company, but the core goal is to have a fully functioning, well-educated team and engine ready for the big project to follow this one. We have a strong fanbase ready to see our team grow in size and ready to support us via Patreon. Anybody interested?

ANY LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE! We’re also going through a learning experience and want to create this project together!


  • Riggers (IK control groups)/animators (would be a bonus!)

  • Environment Artists (work on modular assets)

  • Level Artists (BSP block levels)

  • C++ programmer since we want to try to make C++ the dominant language for the game

  • Blueprint guru

  • Concept Artists

  • Somebody good with VFX and unreal engine materials to make custom visual shaders etc.

Concept Artists please provide examples of your work to me via Discord or Email. Contact details below!

CONTACT INFO We have a public Discord here: https://discord.gg/64a3xsw -- You can contact us here by messaging "❅ 朋也(Tomoya) ❅" or you can email us via [email protected]. Another alternative, of course, is to message me via Polycount PM. NOTICE If you're a fan of the Zelda franchise, this might be the perfect project for you ![http://polycount.com/resources/emoji/smile.png](http://polycount.com/resources/emoji/smile.png)

Nobody interested? Maybe there’s something that you guys don’t like and maybe we can negotiate?

I could give you guys a try, though I have no idea what “IK” is.

Awesome! Here’s there Discord server where I’ll provide the voice interview :slight_smile:

Bump! :heart: I am still looking for more people, this time I updated the post with more info :slight_smile: