Zelda Fan Film - The Legend of Lucas

THE LEGEND OF LUCAS is here!! After over TWO YEARS this project has taught me so much and made some of the happiest memories of me and my son Luc (and my whole family who were mostly behind the scenes in every shot).
Cannot thank my friends, family, and co-workers who encouraged me throughout the making. I know what you’re thinking (why on earth did it take so long!?!?) well, I was learning a new discipline (blender!) as well as, you know, life! I’m so happy Luc isn’t 21 and we’re putting this out. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Here is our fan film.


WoW l!! This is truly amazing work! Kept my interest from start till end. Thanks for sharing! We just got a son and I am now seriously thinking we should have painted his bedroom green(screen) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m at work and will watch this when I get home, but I scrubbed through… Well done!!!

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Fantastic! I was hooked every second. That should be a Netflix show.

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Very nice. Was all of this done in Blender? Or, just the effects and model of that skeleton-like creature?

This has inspired me to work on my own film more than ever, now. Thank you for sharing this small video clip of your fan film. Keep working with Blender as you grow in the community. I’d like to watch more of your content.

Thank you! Well, the compositing was all done in After Effects, and anything remotely ‘3d’ was done in blender, then exported as either openEXR or PNG and then composited in AE. Hope that helps.

This has inspired me to work on my own film more than ever


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Yes! That was the main thing, your kids are only little once. I wanted to make projects with them, make it a family thing you know. So paint his room green, have fun!


That’s pretty cool! No clue what Zelda is, but I like what you got! Cinematography is awesome, the only two effects that were less than stellar is the spider felt like it was on the wrong depth plane, and the dragon felt keyframed. But that is just nitpicking. Lighting was pretty good. Good job!

Post script: Just watched a bunch of your youtube stuff. You do a good job and are getting even better!

Played the game through many times when my Daughter was young. She is nearly 21 now. Happy memories you’ve brought back @sdeming. Wonderful!

That was my though - kids grow up so fast. This was such a fun way to practice and spend time with my kids in the process, obviously that happened more on the filming side of things and less on the blender side, but even still.

Very thankful for this community who helped me so much along the way!

To learn more about this project, read the ‘Behind the Scenes’ that Seth wrote for BlenderNation:

Effects in Blender are well done, not too much, just the right touch…

It nicely played, the kid knows where to look, he plays his role perfectly.

That’s just excellent!

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