Zelda Spoof

heh, I thought it was funny :stuck_out_tongue:

That could be switched around to any adventure game…but stil funny as heck!

Well… sort of. Zelda 64 really had Zombies that would hump you in the second half of the game. It was humiliating.

hahaha. i remember those gay zombies. they freaked me out. no really, i was like…9. and i had to run around my house and hide in a corner untill i finaly got over the zombie’s, they scared the crap out’a me. not the fact that they are queer, its the fact that they were scary…

poor joguy…

thats one of those things where you go back five years later and say, hey, is that them, those blocks of pixelated brown mush that had me so scared to recover the song of, hmm… I think it was light? And I was scared of those too.


To hell with Zelda! Q*Bert all the way!!!

Seriously guys, Sonic rocks your faces off.

I would like to note that I loved and still love the legend of Zelda, in fact I played it when it originally came out, and I own the special edition gamecube version. That game is the best 3d game, or one of the best, with metroid prime and legend of zelda wind waker ever made by nintendo, or anyone for that matter.

Why thank you. :smiley:
And is wind waker any good? And how is it compared to the other LOZ’s?
Oh and sorry I got so evil, I don’t know, I think I was feeling stressed.

Wind Waker is awesome lemmy. The “universe” is so big in it.

It would take a while to explain, so just rent it or something and see if you like it. Graphics are awesome if you cant tell from pictures on the internet.

I also believe that If you are asking this in response to SamAdams post then I believe he is talking about the special edition LOZ-OOT that came out for N64 originally, but was then rereleased on GC if you reserved a copy of windwaker early.

Wind waker was ok, majora’s mask sucked (sorry, that time crap was not innovative or fun, redoing dungeons over and over is too much for me), ocarina of time was good. The best: A Link to the Past for SNES. Oh god, that game was good. I remember beating two castles and bosses without saving to have my brother trip on the power cord… twice.

Zelda: A link to the past…
That was one of the coolest games ever… I loved that one!!! and ocarina of time was awesome too- majora’s mask, I just can’t agree more! anyway, I thought majora’s mask was a dissappointment…
I haven’t played windwaker- because of majora’s mask

I thought the SNES had style oozing from every corner, and wind waker has style too. It’s just very very different. It’s fun, but feels different…
They’re making a new one in the top view style of a link to the past.

yeah, I’ve beaten all the LOZ games, except the first 2(I don’t have NES), and a link to the past(Emulated, but it’s legal, since I own the cartridge). Is the game really that good? Hmm…I guess I’ll have to start playing it again, then!
But my favorites are:
LOZ:LA(Link’s awakening. Man! That was a GREAT game!)
LOZ:MM(I don’t know what you people are talking about, that game was awesome.)
LOZ:OOA(Oracle of ages)
And I just got an LOZ shirt! yay!

If you liked Link’s Awakening, you should like a link to the past. LA seemed to me to be a lot like A Link to the Past, except with some annoying controls neccesary for the Gameboy.
Which reminds me, the Gameboy Color newer Zelda games (Seasons and Time) are pretty good, but man, are those dungeons hard! You can’t get much harder than the water temple from OT.

I loved and hated OOT at the same time. I loved the game, and I hated the suicide-inducing hard dungeons. It was worth it at the end though. “Zelda’s Lullaby” is a beautiful tune…

The dungeons were tough, but most were logical. The water temple was though.

I’ve loved all of them except the new GB ones because i havn’t played it. Wind Waker is different, but awsome and even though it is cell shaded, the graphics are awsome. The smoke is really cool.

BTW those zombies scared the crap out of me when i played it too (i was like 8 or 9 i think)