"Zelda The Wind Waker" Style Eyes and Brows?

Zelda the windwaker is a beautiful game and i want to know how to do some of it’s visual effects in Blender (realtime and render).

My question is 2-fold:
1.) How do you make the eyes and brows “only” render above the hair (and nothing else) like in the game? How can you do this in Blender_Internal_Render/Blender_Cycles and Blender Game Engine?
In first image below I selected the eyes and eyebrows and turned on X-ray in the viewport in Blender to show what I mean.

2.) How do you let the eyes follow a target for example the camera? I know it has to do with transforming UV’s of first texture (pupil/iris) but don’t know how to link it to follow a target. Also want to limit it so when target is to the side or back the eyes don’t disappear.

Thanks in advance.

PS: No copyright infringement intended, just showing for educational purposes (I have a Gamecube and the game).:smiley:

you need some type of occlusion hierarchy that I don’t know, so if head is in front of eyes, block out eyes, if hair is in front of eyes, move eyes to top of Z buffer …

I’m not sure about rendering, but as for the game engine:

  1. Try adjusting the Z-offset of the eyes in the material options. It could also be a custom GLSL shader to render them on top of the hair.

  2. I would imagine you would use a bone on the eyes (perhaps one on each eye) and use a Track To constraint / Run Armature actuator to move the eyes around. You could probably then use Python to make sure the eyes don’t go too far.

Hard challenge… I’ll look into it.

You can try to Flip the Direction off the Hair in a certain way. In Edit Mode