zeldaish game editor (network play help?)

I’m making a zelda style game where you do quests and explore and stuff. I originally made this editor just for me since this system is a lot faster to use than just blender’s viewport. I had some fun with it though, so maybe you guys could give it a try.

video here:

and the game is here:

Very cool! This could be subsequently developed into an RPG game with a fully functioning level editor where you can set triggers and events, dialogue boxes, create custom characters, etc. Nice work!

thanks :slight_smile:
That’s what I was thinking. I was also thinking of opening up the game for network coop. That should be very possible with the way I set up the game’s resource files. Have to do some research on how to setup an ftp server with python soon.

One step at a time though.

That looks pretty cool!

Very cool !
I never played top-down zelda games but screenshots remind me of Pokemon

zelda did definitely look a lot like pokemon.

I made a few updates. You can use the mouse now, which is much more useful than the keyboard. I also have a video now.

I can’t get over how awesome this is. What CC license is it under ( if any)? I would like to begin modifications to allow for triggers and events.

Great thing you made there. I’ll wanna try it.

But to be correct and in time temporality, I’d say : “pokemon did definitely look a lot like zelda .” :wink:

Just to let you know I tried to launch the editor (compact.exe) on windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy and in both cases the app wouldn’t start and threw an error. Am I doing something grossly wrong?

joystik, too early to say. sorry man.

nether, I’ll post an updated game version eventually with an option to disable advanced graphics features.
you mind posting your specs?

on a related note; performance is gonna be greatly improved in the next build. I figured out an algorithm that consolidates similarly placed blocks into larger blocks that wont drain resources as much.

You should also replace all blocks that are surrounded by blocks with planes, because only the top is visible.

Good idea. I’m on it now

Looks awesome!

First time I’ve seen something like this done with Blender.

Thanks for the bump kiva!

Here’s some more pics

I need some help with network play. Does anyone have a udp blender network setup that works with blender 2.6? I’ve scoured the web and all I can find is stuff from 2.49. I sort of got tcp networking to work but I’m saving that for the game’s chat system.

Check Agoose77’s new network library, don’t know if he is finished with it yet but you can ask him at least :slight_smile:

You. Are. Amazing. At. Blender.
Seriously, I love this thing. I know it is probably too early, but eventually custom model importing should be allowed (I’m thinking in the future, when this is a fully developed commercial game maker, if you want it to be).

Very good art sir. You should be proud.

Excellent work !

Whoa! Words cannot describe the level of awesome!

I love it!
Fantastic work indeed!
Keep up the good work!

Does anyone have a udp blender network setup that works with blender 2.6?

How about Agoose77’s setup?