Zen Lofts 100 Shore

Hi once again, blender artists! This is an architectural visualization I made for Zen Lofts, this project is located at Pinellas County Florida. The house was designed by the architect Javier Artadi. I hope you like it!!

High-res renders : http://sebastianzapata.com/portfolio/zen-lofts-100-shore/

Alternate interior design :

I know, this one is barely done but due time constraints I couldn’t add more features :


As always very good, excellent

That’s really good.

I would like to see some of your settings, regarding gamma ?
What’s your light setup ?

Amazing work, my friend.

Thanks a lot @Rodrigo366 !!

That is stunning work.

Whoa, love the interiors so much. Very lived in feel. Love those textures outside.

Hey Saif! Thank you very much. Gamma = 1.3 …Lighting set-up = just HDRi and Point lights for interiors

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your positive feedback 3pointEdit. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Great work as always bro!

Whoa… Just Whoa :open_mouth:

compared to previous works seems you went down a notch… usually tight arch-deadline :eyebrowlift:

Excellent work! I just love the bloom coming from that window!

Thank you guys for your feedbacks!! Much appreciated! … burnin didn’t understand what you meant.


Compared to your previous works, this one is less detailed, less balanced and quite noisy. I assumed the cause is tight deadline, as i am also often confronted to similar problems and demands. :o

Oh! Yes, I wish I could spend more time on it :frowning: … I agree, and that noise was so painful.

Thank you burnin. :slight_smile:

Thank you, for keeping it up http://orig08.deviantart.net/5ad6/f/2013/288/4/c/31_by_weapons_expert_cool-d6qkbiu.gif

hehehehe :smiley:

So from your Blender screenshot I can see all the trees and grass are mapped by pictures with alpha? I can’t believe they all looks so 3D not just a plane. Cool trick!