Zenit E

Hello blenderartists!

Though I work with blender from couple of years, despite few visualisations this is my first personal project rendered in Cycles. I started with lens, which was supposed to be only texturing and nodes training but in the process I decided to actually finish this.

Zenit E - Olympic Edition, Moscow 1980

Hope You like it!

Excellent work.

Zenit E was my very first camera - earlier version though - 1971ish

Vety nice, need extra look to see is it actual photo or render.

This one is really nice.

My only critic would be on very high level: The Scratches above the Prism in zenit3.jpg “bend” around the corners.

but other than that, really really nice. Like the worn out look.

What a excellent work! Perfect “battle damaged look” :slight_smile:

Wow, looks amazing with scratches :slight_smile: I’m the owner of Zenit-E too and Helios 44-2 is really good for DSLR that produces awesome BOKEH :slight_smile:

Excellent work all around, JohnnieWooker. Modelling, texturing, and lighting are all working together in great harmony here. The model holds up incredibly well even very close up. I’m curious as to your workflow for texturing. I would love to know any tips you may be able to share, the materials for this are fantastic!

This thread is for older guys, right?
Excellent work!
Really impressed. Amazing texturing.
(BTW I still hate this particular camera but this is another story LOL)

amazing realism.old,used camera look is perfect.

This one has top row “scratched” all over it. Excellent job on both the modeling and the texturing and aging of the camera, I’m with Jamescandy, I could learn a lot just from any tips you may wish to share on your aging process.

Thanks for very warm welcome!

Agree cooler_inc, Helios 44-2 mounted to DSLR can make quite artistic results. Unfortunately in my Nikon I’m forced to use m42 adapter with additional lens which causes light losses. I managed to adapt my Jupiter 21M to focus properly without any redundant lenses, but with Helios it seems to be too difficult.

Almost all textures except etui and strap was painted by hand. The hard worn out look on the edges of lens and black-painted metal part of the body, I was able to receive by simple method:

  1. Filled entire layer with Paper pattern in Gimp. The layer mode depends on the background colour. In my case Overlay worked well.
  2. Erased part of the layer, leaving parts where scratches should occur.
  3. Duplicated layer to enhance damage apperance.
    To make longer scrathes I started with preparing texture with hand-drawn scratches. Then I filled with them fields of interests on the texture. In order to make them more convincing, I placed duplicated parts of scratches near the edges of the model. Transforming duplicated parts helped me in gaining more randomized effect.

Very good modeling and texturing. Well done :slight_smile:

Very nice texturing. I like the slight HDR fusion look of the renders, as if you pushed the shadows up, enhancing the micro-contrast. It works well to showcase the amazing textures. How did you post-process the images?

Its a pleasure to see such great work. The texture work is just splendid. Congrats 5*.

I can see it is a very old camera , and I like it . Good Job !

Awesomeness. :slight_smile:

Looks really good, keep it up!

Salokin: I’ve used curves and Tasuki’s Tone Mapping script. I had to bump the contrast of secondary layer though.