Zerg Zergling

for Pimpest Plays '06, 326 000 poly, 100% blender. ~30 h of work
no permission to use in your projects or sites


Perfect :wink: Even better than the original.

Are you going to add some textures?

no, I’ve got only 3 days to make it. It’s finished, now I’m going out of Warsaw. no PC for a month :slight_smile:



Awesome sculpting work.


Wow… excelent

I hope a day I’ll see the textures and materials…

Greate job anyway

Where’s the image ?

Did it get removed ?

I dont see it!!! AAAGGHHH! :ba:

sorry, I had to take it out from here - men from SClegacy told me to remove it, I hope they will be back soon.
if you want, delete it (I don’t know how)

its still on your own HP - nice model by the way!

ok, at last! full image in the first post. sorry for the problem.


only 300K polys???

Maybe i’ve seen too many zbrush models but this isn’t impressive enough imo to be called finnished when it only has the default material. It could at the very leeast have one nice material on it rather than just this.

Great modelling.

nice work! it reminds me alot of this guy:

small crit: I wish that the carapace armor wasn’t simply duplicated about its body, and maybe if those scales overlapped a bit more… i just feel like i shouldn’t see the bottoms

Very good job overall, I can’t wait to see a texture on him!
oh, and didn’t you hear? Zerglings have wings like crickets now;)

take care, and thanks to you guys at SCL for bringing in pimpest plays

I’m glad you like it. material… I’m not good in shaders, maybe because most my models are textured. I focus on the lighting more, but you’re right. I’ll try to do something more complex next time.
thanks for the observation on carapace. ah, and there will be no texture - it’s impossible now, when the sculpting is done.
PP were ok, but we’re planning a great surprise for SCL users/readers… more details to come, not yet :slight_smile:

Oh man, that totally rips off my name. :slight_smile:

Very noice. How many different meshes is that?

That is HOT. I love it.

four meshes + the duplicated carapace pieces