Here is a picture I call ziggy I started last night. Ill add a big body to him tommarow.
What I want to do witch I never done yet before is make hair. I want to add hair on top of ziggys head. But need some time on how to do it.

give me your bad crits :frowning:


I going to go out on a limb and say not human :wink: There seems to be no eye lids but the eyes look good, and I like the texture of the skin, perhaps give your small recessed dots a different darker material with a new texture to make them there own. The mouth, even if it’s not a human head, could use a lot of work, more loops around the opening to give it a more gradual rounded look like lips ususally are. Looks like you made teeth so show them off a bit more, does it have a lower set as well? The ear nob is kind of strange. Over all though you have a great start, which I could give you some tips on particles for the hair, but I have yet to play with those myself. Keep it up!!

I jast had time today to work on ziggy for an hour and fixed him up alittle.
I pushed the mouth and bridge out alittle more. Looks alittle funky 8)

-fixed lips(alittle)
-new teeth(lighting to dark)
-Fixed the texture alittle
-Eye lids :expressionless:
-Ficed the ears(not as nobish)