"Zinja" Zombie Ninja game

Good Afternoon All, I am looking for a team to put together for a game. The game is called Zinja. A zombie Ninja. I will post the story so far of what i got here. what I need are the following:

Team: RelativityTime

View: FirstPerson
Style: Action/RPG

Concept Artist:
3d modeling/texture:
Python Scripter:

Any one that wants to help out on the story is also welcome to add, edit review. I will post it on Google docs.

I will also be creating the website here soon once we get a team together. I was working on this project earlier this year but had to put it on hold. Now I am going to start it up again. I would love to sell the game also so it would be royalty for the team. You may PM on here or on Skype “relativitytime”.

Now for the story:

Executive overview
The Year is 1185 A.D. Feudal Japan. A Ninja/Shinobi (Unknown Name) sitting in the grass in the middle of the woods. Bamboo trees swaying in the wind. The moon was with some rain clouds here and there. He could feel some rain drops hitting his face. The night was young, feeling hungry he decides to hunt for his prey “Japanese Sika Deer” to make a nice dinner/restock on his meat supply.

Prepared for his hunt Katsumi sets out into the woods. Pacing silently through the woods, watching silently, waiting, waiting, patience

He sets his mind concentrating, but something distracts him. Something in the woods was watching him. He waits to see not giving away his position completely then he spots it “the deer” Putting his bow up slowly ready to make the kill out from his left something comes up and bites him in the arm.

Ripping and tearing his arm, blood gushing, he takes his sword and cuts the things head off, flies shortly in the air then plops on the ground. It happened so quick he takes a look at the creature head he cut off and he falls to his knees, he looks at his left arm it is gone laying on the floor next to the creatures head. Blood gushing from his arm onto the forest floor then faints.

Shortly after “3 hours” he wakes up from his coma state not knowing why he is still alive with his arm ripped off and blood all over the floor. Stiff to move he gets up from the floor using one arm. Still in pain from his arm being bit off remarkably it is not bleeding. Looking at the head on the floor and the body of the creature he had just killed it looked decayed. Taking a better look at it, It was a human body. It was so dark he was unable to see the body.

He glances over at the head and sees it next to his arm. Meh!!! he mumbles in pain. He comes and kicks the head over. Eyes Wide open, He sees his Older Nephews Face ICHIRO!!!. Why was his face so distorted and rotten? He has only been dead for a short time the moon has only moved a bit.

He searches his body for any clues; He finds an emblem from one of the Warlords. He has done jobs for this man before what is he up to that brought my Nephew into this condition. This man was not one of his favorite clients but needed to be dealt with if he was involved.

Katsumi arrives in Iga , He can not go straight into the city without him being noticed that is disfigured/dismembered, for some reason he can smell the fresh scent of flesh through is rotted nose. As he takes a deep breath some flesh starts to peel off his chest, you can hear it tearing.  He has the urge to attack the live being but he controls his thirst for flesh. 

He waits until dawn to sneak into the castle with out being noticed. He must reach his friend who has connections with the Warlord, Even though Ninjas are secretive he had to find a way to get his body back to normal and get revenge for his nephew. He himself should know this.

Although he was never close to his nephew he knew that his sister loved him. There were times were Katsumi had to rescue his young nephew. Walking into the castle he could find no one but dead bodies lying around. It looks like the castle was attacked. There was a great stench of urine and blood in the air. Decomposing bodies. He searched through the bodies one by one searching for any clues. In the corner of his eye he saw someone. He could smell the fresh flesh hiding underneath the box. He slowly takes out his samurai sword and cuts the box in half with out even thinking as though he was slowly losing his mind. He did not know what he was doing he just started devouring the fresh flesh. He felt renewed full of energy felt his body tingle with a good sensation. He gained his strength, huffing and puffing as he dealt with the sudden urge of energy. He now knew what he did was wrong killing an innocent person that had nothing to do with this but he now knew this was the only way he could stay alive.

Suddenly a sound behind him was ruffling he heard a moan something crawling towards him. It looks like the fresh flesh has awakened these dormant creatures. They were coming back alive. Katsumi grabs his sword slides it against the ground little sparks coming up, he starts to dismember each one of their heads finishing up what was started here. Giving them an honorable death letting their souls free from this carnage.

There was nothing left here but death. It is time to go find the one who has started all this. As he walked out he sees a necklace on the made with a jade gem it was the same emblem he had found on his nephews body. His sensei was no were to be found. As he walked outside he felt a rush of wind come across him. There he was Sensei was standing there with a sword ready to fight in the darkness. A small light, shining hitting his sword. He did not look like Sensei he was distorted red eyes glowing in the darkness of the castle. You could smell the rotten death coming from his mouth. With out hesitation they began to fight sword colliding with each other spark in the air. With only one arm he had to concentrate more being more aggressive sparingly using his strength. He gets knocked down with a back blow from the samurai sword.

While on the floor the sword comes down on top of him, slicing a little of his mask. Tearing the dead flesh of his face. He rolls to the right, tripping the sensei, sending him into a roll across the floor. Katsumi throws his shuriken at him while on the floor piercing his skull. He runs and jumps across and cuts his head off.

He looked at the lifeless body of his sensei. This is not the man that once used to be a kind gentle man, masterful in his profession. Training us to our full potential. What has become of this being?

He pulls out the shurikens out of the Sensei’s head takes his body to bury him. Giving him a proper burial is what needs to be done. Let his body become dust from which it was made.

He brings him out to the back of the courtyard of the castle. Carrying him on his right shoulder. Head tied to his belt.

He buries him then puts his sword standing over the grave.

He sets off to the next City?

here is a dirt road I am working on right now as we speak. Trying to make the terrain since this is back in time. Let me know what you guys think.


Dirt Road I am working on. Still working on the texture.


Wow you have a good story not very many people have good storys for ther there game projects cough ME cough cough
this sounds fun!

@mrn thanks I am trying to get this rolling now. I will be on skype.

Still working out a few things. I would love to get the team put together and have somebody make the story a little better. I am looking for motivated individuals who love to learn and are inspired by the 3d and CG. Again I am on Skype as relativity time. I am looking from beginners to pros if you would like to join. I will be on most of the night tonight getting some things together. SO if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. thank you

still deciding if to use Unity or Unreal engine 3.