Zombie City Scene

I’ve been working on this for a while now trying to get the composition right and getting the materials looking good. I feel as though it’s nearly there I’m happy with how it looks however I still think it needs more before it’s a final image.

Feel free to comment any criticism I’m intrigued to hear it! :slight_smile:

Coool! I love zombie stuff!!
I like the atmosphere here, the buildings and cars look good, as well as the pose of the police guy.
Things I would work on: ground is too smooth, you could add concrete texture bumps. The zombie is visually unclear to me. He has clothes, but almost seams topless. The pose could be improved. And shouldn’t he be watching his food or policeman?
From a composition point of view, the zombie is too much on the right to my test, but maybe it’s personal.
The back lighting is cool, but the city seams to end abrutly in the back. You could also remove the reflection on the left building so the eyes focuse more on the soldier.

Yeah I based the street on Liberty Street in New York. Thank you for your critiques, I’ve noted them down :slight_smile: