Zombie - Quite disturbing - Be warned.

My current project, which is really a nice break from my TK Suite project.

Current workflow:-
Create model & pose in Daz studio and export as .obj.
Import .obj into Blender for mesh, UV tweaks and refinement. Export as .obj.
Photoshop for the textures, 2 displacement maps, one colour map, one normal map, one bump map and a specularity/reflection map for the moist areas.
Import Blender export .obj into 3DMax for displacement and exported through the Maxwell plugin.
Imported into Maxwell Studio for material creation & rendering.
Single head & shoulders renders are 1.5million tris at render. The twins are 3 million tris.
Each is lit with a HDRI map.
Each one rendered for 30mins, except for the twins which ran for 45mins.

Progress, earliest first.


Different displacement maps & col map variation:-

The twins:-

More work on the eyes today, as they need to be almost opaque.


wow that’s really cool, my fav render must be this one:

I don’t think the body is up the quality of the head right now, but you’re probably not finished with that part. but overall : WOW

omfg, jesus dude, you are sick. this is insane. i had to scroll up and down a few times to be sure this wasnt a photo. totally killer work mate.

thats one crispy-burned-killer… id have to say :smiley:

I thought it was real model you were going to scan into the computer.

:o Shiiit man, looks like a zobmie-child! You are right about disturbing part! Very nice work!

Really great stuff dude, as always.

The bump map looks a bit hard to me though. Soften up some of the wrinkles and such. They just look off.

Great colour map though. Really digusting looking.


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Now I’m jealous. This 'orrible nastie has better teeth than me! :frowning:

holy craper… some 1 got inspired by halloween i see lol

EWWWWWWWWW! Thats SICK!..In a good way!

Someone likes halloween.
Congrats :wink:

This is an A-B-S-O-L-U-T-L-E-Y sick, insane and - as you said disturbing - work !!! GREAT
I won’t sleep for at least one week 'cause i’m afraid of the nightmares
those pic will cause.:smiley:

Do you plan to animate this beast ?


I agree with the others - this is really sick! :smiley:

An animated version (composited into video material using camera tracking) would be cool - and even more disturbing.

EEWWW, and I just had dinner, dammit.

Seriously now, great work. Definitely disturbing, and disgusting, and sick…and again, I just had dinner, dammit!!!

Frekin’ Awesome!

dude! I was just about to go to bed!! What im supposed to do now??

Heh heh, thank you for the comments.

Ecks, yes the body is a long way from finished. Thought I’d sort the head first.

BgDM, I will ease up on the bump/normal map. I need to redo the displacement as well, will be done for the next updates.

Eye work and a slight colour map variation. Trying to get that cloudy look to the eyes, but I’m not 100% happy with them at the moment. (Again earliest first)



just speculation, but maybe you just need to suck out some of the contrast from the eyeballs… make the surface a bit more dull


Awwww, who’da koot littuw zombie-wombie!

Yes, its bit too … clean? Or symmetric? Maybe its just the high/even specularity. More noise/clouds on spec channel?

But seeing your previous project I am sure it will be super realistic in no time! :wink: