Trying to keep this dude entirely made in blender.
started from a cube and dynamesh, retopo, and now i’m putting on details with some texture painting.
i still didn’t work on the general skin look to make it more zombie-ish. no big plans or a concept to work from. just jumping around from part to part trying to do my best to get more comfortable with Blender.

Edit: finished version in the video blow:


Still with texture paints material and hair.

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Nice work but i think it would shine way more with a proper cadaver skin shader since he look alive by the skin.

Just type cadaver in google image if you can watch that kind of stuff of course.

Thanks Polunut,
I will try, i keep that in mind but i couldn’t resist going for normal look since our brain is tuned more to look normal human and can help me have things realistic while i will give it a more pale and maybe blueish look at the end, but i wasted my time like that lol,
almost done with the shape and sculpting and i will try that and post more,

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Good stuff! I really like the tearing on the jeans! he does looks abit alive but still great decay with the expose flesh area.

@Son thanks. I used two hair particles for the jeans one for the blue threads and one for the white one that are longer.

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still going back and forth :slight_smile: