Zombieland in Rome

ok folks,

now the time has come.
this is my very first project come to the completition.
as per this focused critique I would like to share my first piece of (art)work.

thanks to: @etn249 above all for his/her patience and support, @sozap for the long analysis and the rest of the folks (wanted to give more credits to the ones who really spend over lot of their time for me)

would love to start a series, like the ones now using Midjourney like pros, but building everything on my own.

well, then, this is it.

I have spend time on several different aspects to try to step up a bit my knowledge of blender, applying what I learned from tutorials and hints from this forum.

I modeled, created geo-nodes, cloth simluated almost anything except for minor kit-bashed elements and the zombie in the ground…

This is the real sight from my studio room, where I work from, re-visited after The Walking dead watch: I was thinking about how those two buildinds may be connected to stay safe and not to go in the streets.
I imagined how could this sight change if we were in a zombieland and shot with an iPhone camera. that’s why I tried to keep anything as more “realistic” as possible (compared to my poor skills).
the only change have been made have been to the number of floors, in order to let the view see the ground.

:wave: and :heart:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That’s an Honor :heart:

Thank you so much sir!


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