Zombies Ate My Ice Cream (Official Game Thread)

Hi everyone!

My team and I are happy to announce our game “Zombies Ate My Ice Cream”. The game is running in the Unity engine but everything was created using blender. The modeling, rigging, and texturing all in blender.
We would love it if you could visit the fan page. If you like what you see feel free to share. Some updates will be posted here and other updates will be posted on the fan page. Thanks for reading this thread and let us know what you think!

Here’s a little preview of the game play:

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to turn my scene from day to night. The shader being used is unlit so lights won’t work. I came up with this method earlier today. Unity allows you to do layer ordering with sprites. I am able to keep my light sources like fire on top so they’re not affected by the transparent plane.

Hi Moosefoo,

I really like the art design of your game. Looking forward to follow this thread.

The night version looks ok to me. But I’m not totally convinced yet. It is missing something. Maybe you could try to tone down the color-plane you added in front of the camera a bit more. A vignette could help a lot, so that you only can see your car and a bit of the way ahead, but everything else fades to black. A sort of “field of vision” thing.

Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely take that into consideration.

What makes this game fun is that you’ll be travelling across America to visit ridiculous roadside attractions. Here is a concept for one of the environments you’ll be killing zombies through.

I’ve really enjoyed using blender for this project. I use it for all of my game assets and marketing images.
I am working on a list of tutorials to share with people on how I do things for my game.
If you’d like to support indie game development click on the image below and follow us.

What would you like to learn how to do?

Man! I love stuff like this…Great designs. Looks like it could be a blast to play…

Thanks! Keep checking back. I’ll be posting a preview of the gameplay in a couple of weeks.

I just finished getting sections of my desert scene put together. The levels will be procedurally built but for now I’m putting the assets together to see how it looks. I would love any feedback you guys have for me.

I would like to do a live demo of my process where people can ask me questions. What kinds of things would you guys like me to cover?

Here is a scene I’m working on. I first put the scene together to make sure
everything flows together. Then each level will start from a blank slate and
the code will build the level.

Our hero, Huckleberry, is travelling across the United States on a dream road trip to the oddities of America.

Where are some odd places you think he should visit?

This is the Jimmy Carter Peanut. A sample of where Huckle may be going in his adventure.

Here is a little preview of how I create levels.

New character design for the game. Video of how it was created
will be posted on Monday.

This work is great, wonderful style and very informative videos! How does this thread not have more comments?! This is top quality work. I can’t wait to see more!

Thanks, James! I really appreciate it.

RE: Odd places, Carhenge in Nebraska, The Haines Shoe House in PA, the Cadillac Ranch in TX, The Shoe Tree in NV, and Roswell, NM.
RE: Tutorials, I think people would be interested in your Krita/Blender pipeline, as well as your Blender/Unity pipeline.

In you night scene, I think what would help sell it is some lights, like street lights and random porch light. And maybe a gradient on the night plane.

Looks like it will be a great game, looking forward to it.

i love it !

I will follow thread

Awesome work and very good quality, thanks for previews and tutorials, keep it work! :wink: