Zoom in limit when designing large scale?


I started (or atleast trying) creating the track for my race-game. I’m using the technique with the Bezier Curve and lay the mesh out with the Array and Curve modifier. I also imported the car-model I already made to get the scale of the road-track right. (It is also advised that if you want to make something for VR, it’s best to have things to true size).

I have my rough track layed out and want to begin with detailing things out, but I can’t seem to zoom in close enough anymore. I can’t even get close enough to the car anymore. It’s probably because I have a large track (but I don’t want to make a track that only last 30 seconds) and zooming is depended on the largest object (?)
So how do I zoom in now?

Thanks in advance.

what size are we talking here ?

happy bl

Euhm… “true to size”? So that black spot in the middle of the view is the car, which measures around 3,5 to 4 meters length and around to 2 metres in width.

I’m able to get there now if I first move and pan myself low enough to a certain mesh and afterwards zoom in. Is this something common or is there something about moving around I’m not grasping yet?

for a few meters that should not be a problem!
are you in ortho or perspective mode ?
might be easier to work in ortho mode!

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