Zoom in on an area.

I am trying to follow some online tutorials to learn how to work with blender.

My problem is that in the tutorial it tells me to zoom in on a certain area of my project. When I do this, it zooms in on the center of the project.

How do I drag my project so that I can get the part of it view-able that I want to work on?

Thanks in advance,

Select the object/vertex you want to zoom into and press numpad .
Shift+B to drag a zoom border


Another option is in User Preferences > Input… check ‘Zoom to Mouse Position’.

Simple. Hold [SHIFT] and then drag using the [MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON] until the part you want is in the middle of the screen. Once you have “panned”, you can zoom into that spot using the [SCROLL WHEEL] on your mouse.

Alternatively, you can View Selected (numpad .) I think (I have it bound to “A” because I use it all the time).

So yeah, no shortage of ways to do it :stuck_out_tongue: