Zoomer the robot

I want to introduce Zoomer the robot…or my first try to reproduce and old tin-toy from japanese designer Nomura.

Blender, YafRay and GIMP.

Thanks for your time.


Really good! Spot on modeling . . . A google image search failed to find a version of the robot with exactly the paint job you’ve given yours, but I expect you know more about the model that I do (I know nothing)

Hey!, thanks

but I’m not interested to do the same-exactly paint of the toy and the same-exactly look :slight_smile:

extremely nice shot! My only thot would be to add similar scuff marks to the face/head that you’ve shown on the leg (tho much less). Your next step would be to put this excellent model into a scene which tells a story to us! :slight_smile:

Very nice one.

I have a soft spot for boxy robots.

Haha, nice! The face is maybe a bit clean but it still looks photographic. Nice job.

really photoreal! awesome modelling/texturing. and the mood is very nice. id like to see more stuff of this level of quality.

awesome! its brilliant!

Your rendition has a lot of character for a robot…nice

beautiful work, just love that render !!
4 stars

cheers mate

It even looks like there’s dust on top of the metal.

I have to second mzungo about some additional scuff marks.

But the rest is brilliant. Great render.


Thanks for the feedback guys,

I’m very agree with every crit, specially with the floor shadow…I’ve trusted too much in yafray’s shadow refinement capabilities…Next time I’ll should use photons.

Thanks for see see my work…and sorry for my english :wink:

I don’t think I could pick this photograph out as CG or reality. at all. brilliant. could you explain your material process a little? this looks like a nice yafray area light and HDRI with tangent shading? great work.

very good Render…the dirty metal is perfect…
Nice job dude!

I love that render, I want to get my little boy one! The reflective metal is a superb material, any tips?

Noderanger: look at the area where the feet touch the floor.
A photograph would show several shadows flowing into each other,
as there is usually more then one light in a studio setup.
The shadows here seem rather blurred.
A photographer could pick the difference at any time.

About materials:

the material that probably makes the difference it’s the torso metal, and it’s very simple to get it:

-A bit of ray mirror
-A sutile texture
-The secret ingredient: conetrace

Yafray has a very nice -but not quick- feature to get blurry reflections (conetrace)…the main problem is that isn’t implemented at the blender ui, and the only way to use it it’s “hacking” the XML file… (yes, this is some kind of indirect to developers)

Thanks again.

great tip about yafray, gotta try that. but what’s a sutile texture? did you mean “subtle” texture? mapped to normal or ray reflection or what?

I love the oil! How did you do that?

Nice image really!