Zooming in Blender

im just trying to get into blender (former/still-kind-of max user)
is there a way to zoom to the selection and rotate around it?
and how do you zoom in smaller steps as just with mouse-wheel

thanks in advance

have you checked the user preferences – checkboxes “zoom to mouse position” and “rotate around selection”

and I think holdingthe shift key or control key or alt key while scrolling will scroll slower (can’t remember which)

shift-scroll moves the viewport sideways, control up and alt-scroll moves the indicator on the timeline
i already tried those :smiley:

and i dont want to always rotate around the selection, so an hotkey would be cool
in max i used z often to quickly zoom to a small group of polygons (and have the rotate-pivot there) to fix something quick

Pressing period-key on the numpad will zoom to the selection-
The +/- keys on the numpad will zoom in and out.

Pressing the MMB will rotate arround the pivot-point.
The pivot-point can be defined in 3D-view

And with File->User Preferences …
you can customize the behavior using the “Input” and “Inteface” tabs


pivot point -> active element
and zoom to mouse did the trick for me