Zoopedia - Cauê

Hey guys , sharing a job I had the pleasure of working , a small teaser of a possible series , Zoopedia.

Script - Bruno Antônio e Ulisses Brandão
Concept - Marília Feldhues
Modeling - Alisson Ricardo; Guilherme Gazzoni
Texture, Shading and Lighting - Alisson Ricardo ; Guilherme Gazzoni
Rigging and 3D animation - Guilherme Gazzoni
2D animation - Alisson Ricardo
Sound Designer and Soundtrack - Felipe Mago Andrade
Post Production editor - Marcos França
Directed by - Alisson Ricardo

Blender, After Effects, toon boom

Render - blender viewport

About the animation series -

Zoopedia is a series of 3D animation that shows four friends adventures in a magic encyclopedia, which presents a world of knowledge.

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