ZUV Tools Addon

Sorry about that! I feel like I’ve fixed this bug 4 times by now. I’m not sure why it isn’t taking… Try redownloading it from Blender Market and let me know!

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Works like a charm now, thanks! :smile:

When I use Shortest Path I get this error (2.81a and 2.83).
In 2.0 it works.

Sorry, which version doesn’t work?

ZUV Tools v2.5

Oh, gotcha! Okay it should be fixed and updated on Blender Market now

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Now it works, THANK YOU. :+1:

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Sorry about that!!!

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i just bought on gumroad but it shows (after install) ver 1.1.2…
damn, i see its available on blendmarket…)

I have just emailed you :wink:

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Is this tool still maintained?

It hasn’t been unfortunately. I haven’t had the time. However, I have actually started working on it again in my spare time the past couple of days. Are there any bugs or problems you’ve come across?

Not really. Considering buying it (specifically for relax functionality).

Well as far as I’m aware everything still works