people live in chronic hunger

Now day, people live in chronic hunger. Every 5 seconds, one child under 5yo die because of hunger.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations start a petition few month ago which will be presented to an UN submit in october/november…

It is not acceptable that only less than 220.000 people in the world sign this petition… So be the next (click on the image) !

Once you’ve signed, send the link to your friends…

someone get norman borlaug!

petitions, every time someone brings them up I can’t help but remember that great scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian - we need less talk and more action.

FRANCIS: Yeah, twelve months. And, let’s face it. As empires go, this is the big one, so we’ve got to get up off our arses and stop just talking about it!
COMMANDOS: Hear! Hear!
LORETTA: I agree. It’s action that counts, not words, and we need action now.
COMMANDOS: Hear! Hear!
REG: You’re right. We could sit around here all day talking, passing resolutions, making clever speeches. It’s not going to shift one Roman soldier!
FRANCIS: So, let’s just stop gabbing on about it. It’s completely pointless and it’s getting us nowhere!
LORETTA: I agree. This is a complete waste of time.

Funny thing that those places where hunger is the biggest, is also where birthrate is the biggest. One kid dies and five new is given birth to. Then it’s proven how that children die of hunger is a huge pile of bullshit. Kids die of malaria and other sicknesses.

I really hate this kind of crap.

I agree with bigdad. If I give money to keep one child alive, he gives birth to a lot more. The problem gets worse and worse. What should be done instead, is rising the level of education. And I think volunteering open source projects is a significant part of doing this. One should see the possibilities of using for example animation as a tool for education.

i lol’ed at the two comments above.

that just sounds like another schoolkid who thinks he knows it all. who thinks hes got it all figured out.
how can you deny UN statistics from sitting at home?

then your parents have commited a crime against humanity by producing you.
will you not make more babies? yes you will. and you will contribute to “making the problem worse”
and sorry kid, your open source animation can’t save the world.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

I agree with bigbad and Snifix. Eventually, we have to realize that things aren’t getting better by dealing with these immediate needs. Do I understand that these kids are hungry? Sure, I do. We all do. The problem keeps getting worse though. If you look at the numbers of kids in these regions…they go up…nothing more. But, the education level doesn’t. These kids don’t go to school…they only learn how to get what they can get from the “relief organizations”

I don’t think the relief organizations work any more. Most of them spend a lot of money, but don’t show any improvement. I think what we SHOULD be doing is working with these people to help them understand how to NOT have so many kids…We have learned what causes that…have they?? I dare say, no. At this point, I don’t think we’re helping anyone by not teaching these people how to grow crops (that work in their area), how to fish, etc. All of these things can be taught and learned. But, these people have to want to get to work to help themselves.

The problem is that down in the poor parts of Africa, people have nothing to do but to fuck eachother. And get unecessary many children, it doesn’t help either that the pope condems condoms…the big problem is money and religion.

Both are slowing down the rate of human evolution…:frowning:

Same UN that said the war against Iraq was valid. The same UN that said swine flu will kill us all. The same UN that bullshit puppeteers the world. UN even sponsors war.

I live in a developed country where birthrates are below deathrates.

Petitions… who doesn’t want to stop hunger? Lets make a petition for those instead.

And big families in developing countries isn’t proof for anything. They have no social security, no money for any kind of machinery and need children because they need labor and someone to take care of them when they grow old. As education and wealth increases, the need for a big family decreases. The problem is that a shrinking population is not good so making the birth rate go down sooner rather than later is important to not overpopulate the earth.

The problem is that the earth is overpopulated. If everyone would eat as much as americans and englishmen do. Then there would be no animals on earth. Really…what needs to change isn’t the African countries. But the western countries that are eating too much for their own good. I mean just look at this…
The western world need to eat less and send some of their food and wealth to poor countries. Tbh countries need to be abolished all together, the EU and nafta and the whole one world goverment talk will in the long run lead to a better world…

I agree with bigdad. If I give money to keep one child alive, he gives birth to a lot more. The problem gets worse and worse. What should be done instead, is rising the level of education. And I think volunteering open source projects is a significant part of doing this. One should see the possibilities of using for example animation as a tool for education.

I expect the author of that do not control what he says (sometime, there is no connection between the head and the rest of the body)…

  1. Most of wars in the world are because of water or food
  2. When the obsessional question for a man or a family is “Will I eat today ?” in stead of “What will I eat today ?”, education plans are not possible…
  3. It is proven that with the end of hunger and more education, birthrate decrease.

So no food and watter = no education = poverty.

I live in a developed country where birthrates are below deathrates.

France : 2childs per family…

The problem is that the earth is overpopulated.

We have enough food for 2 or 3 time the actual earth population. But 1/3 of the annual food production is destruct (put on trash, burn…). So food does not miss, there is only a bad repartition.

If everyone would eat as much as americans and englishmen do.

And it is also a problem of overfeed .

“836 million Indians survive on less than Rs. 20 (less than half-a-dollar) a day.”

Education and planning comes always first. It is the problem.

Education and planning comes always first. It is the problem.

Do you imagine yourself going to school without having eating anything before and being not sure to eat something after… That is the problem! Food and Education are very closely connected. You can survive without education (don’t live), but you can’t without food or water.

Funny thing is for the second biggest content Africa has about 1 billion people as opposed to Asia’s 4 billion. This is the hordes of Africans theory that as an African pisses me off, educate yourself a little man this has not and has never been an over populated continent. We have many countries three to four times the size of Britain or Germany with hardly more than 10 million people living in the country.

So why do we have famines than. The places where this happens tend to be drought prone and are extremely politically unstable. Its hard to farm when you are been shot at. In fact I dare say 90% of all famines have occurred because of armed conflict not because people here are in any way unable or incapable of farming and feeding themselves.

Its naive to speak of ‘teaching people how to fish’ they already know how to do that and are probably more knowledgeable of how to do this in the harsh conditions of Africa than anyone you can find. Any so called expert you dig up in Europe will probably know less about how to farm here than them, trust me the knowledge transfer will likely be in the other direction. What do you think a European knows about Cassava, pearl millet, plantain (an edible banana), fufu (made from a type of yum) and maize these are the staple foods that are grown here and to my knowledge are not farmed much in European or the Americas, with possible exception of maize.

If you naively think this is a continent where things like wheat, potatoes and rice grow well or are suited for the terrain and climate here than frankly you will be in for a rude awakening, its only in limited areas or countries where you can farm with such crops.

There is a simple and effective way of stopping famines in Africa someone needs to take care of the idiots with guns who continue to make people’s lives hell in the countries that are famine prone. Seeing as the are not too many western takers for such missions, after the whole Black Hawk down affair. We will just settle for the vague promises of aid(that are never delivered upon) and the equally vague promises of more fair trade agreements that don’t screw our farmers when Europe has no where else to dump its extremely subsidized agricultural surplus.

The reality is tonight I shall dine on Norwegian pork ribs that though having come from thousands of miles from where I am will cost me less than locally produced pork ribs thinks to that a miracle of economics. My bread buttered with Belgian butter will go down a treat thanks to the fact that someone is been paid to make butter at what amounts to a loss to themselves but is miraculously turned into a profit not through market forces but through acts of government and the surplus of this production is dumped on third world countries where unsubidized farmers are than expected to compete.

I feel that after this fine meal I will be more than ready as an African for all the fine ‘fishing lessons’ and family planning ones you all have in store for me.


True, but you can’t solve that issue by simply dumping a truck-load of food and/or money in the middle of some 3rd world country. You have to ensure that the resources ultimately support education, rather than just increased levels of reproduction.

In either case, overpopulation is the core problem -> Extreme poverty and starvation are simply side-effects.

A country can not exist without some kind of organisation. The chain of any kind must go through this organisation. Be it peaceful, be it violent. It always exists. We can not run away from this fact.

Education is the glue between organized and unorganized people. It is not food, it is education. The knowledge how to get food. The knowledge how to survive. It’s all about education.

The school system is only one kind of educative system. It is not the most effective system. It is not suitable for all kind of people. This is what is our responsibility. To find the most effective ways to spread the knowledge. The instructions how to get water, how to get the fields grow grain. Can you give any other more effective method to teach how to digg water wells than computer graphics is?

I can’t comprehend how retarded that sentence is. It’s like a five year old made a statement.

The last 40 wars has been about religion and races. If there is war in the world it’s because USA,Russians and 8 other well developed countries are selling weapons to rebels and governments.

Actually name one war that is about water and food! Seriously.