1.7.1 Código Criminal - ups + answering questions


Game Name: 1.7.1

PC / Pt-br / Developer: BETAGAMES
Genre: Action (Shooting) / (Cars) / 3D / 3rd Person


C-106 Delta : program security
Diogoking `s : modeling, texture
Everton_BGE : programming, modeling
Renato : modeling
MichelLacerda : modeling
forion : modeling

Presentation of the Game:
The game takes place in a city in São Paulo

Where you will be the protagonist in the best style of GTA you will have freedom to do anything in the city

there will be clothing stores, pharmacies, bars and so on and so clear, with several entertainment options

Liked some car? You can steal it and listen to your favorite music while driving

Um… cool?

First video
Here in this video demonstrate the use of satellite photos in the game

Here the map already ready

After the end of the map, we put holes in the streets, leaving even more real

Improvement of switching control, the character entering and exiting the vehicle with animation
detail: the character is testing

and here’s our latest video showing a trailer for the launch of the gameplay preview of our game

7 march 2011

you are of those who call the blender is weak to make games?
after this video you might change your opinion

first of all this game was not made by us and was only used for testing, to have the value of vertex above the 3 million. blend exceeded the size of 800MB in size

Now try making that in GLSL, and use normals and spec. :slight_smile:

yes we did these tests also

with 11 million in GLSL vertex shadow real-time enabled the blender performed all the 12 frames

but this was a test in an engine remodificada we did but unfortunately we lost and damaged her project, but then saw that it is already possible to create extremely heavy games in blender

How long are you working on this project so far ? From the videos it look like you just started, and I have to say if you continue like this you will have problems very soon.

First of all Blender is strong, mighty and powerful, IF you optimize every aspect of the game and use every resource wisely.
The streets you are modeling are just too highpoly for any game on any game engine. Reality in games is achieved by faking as much stuff from the real life as you can, not by making it.

I think you can get away with a 3 000 000 triangles city, if there is around 50 000 triangles on screen at any moment, Blender can handle it. Just make a separate lowerpoly mesh for the collisions. But physics, scripts and other stuff will kill the framerate.

What kind of framerate are you getting on that high poly landscape? And why does it still look like an early n64 game?

yes we know what we do and we started the project shortly, we’ll create a few steps
The first step was simply to create holes in a way that left the game with the real environment, because this is not an asphalt road but dirt street, something unheard of a whole neighborhood with streets of lands and holes
but the second step is what we are now, which is nothing but the remodeling of the streets, which will correct errors and will reduce various polygons useless in the game
The third step is where ultra secret will leave the game extremely light, about to run on high amounts of frames, but of course that for now
performed dozens of tests and we even know why the cut each framerates and knowing that we use in our favor

this game chosen by the extensive map and give increased the amount of vertices and even put the technologists Tesselation, which further improves the appearance of the grid, where it already has made the blender was 400mb to 600mb
this is a high value when dealing with only one SCENE
the graphic is really very bad, but our intention was not to win, but pick your power test

Man, what is this, reallly, first of everything, show us something decent, for me you guy or you guys dont really know what are talking about, I m not an expert but if you want the ammount of polygons that you said, you ll rewrite the whole BGE, or at least a good portion of it.
Try to learn a little more and understand the game engine a little more, sorry, maybe you are enthusiastic about it, but what you are saying make no sense. When I start with bGE I ve got screwed up because of the ammount of knowledge that I needed to make something barelly decent, for now I think that I know about 20% of what I need to know and Im kicking very hight here.

good by saying that we do not know what we’re talking about it shows that you are not an expert himself, of course we do not know everything and never know because there’s always more to learn

but say it is not important but it is an amateur on his part that is not a game but a test, called a benchmark for knowing the frame rate so high with such a test where the computer uses 98% of all its ram

and as we say and we will reinforce this is just a test done and it is not our game

Starting the week with news on the project
so that the shaping of the street just now we are to achieve two goals

Reduction of polygons

with the new features of Blender 2.56.2 now we can reduce polygons in real time and with changes at any time
will reduce about 73% of city polygons


will design textures with GLSL feature to leave them with even better appearance, of course we are developing various textures to get a pick, then beginning the work of texturing and unity between all the textures thus leaving the better result


new forum in Brazil, with various subject related to blender

our project here in the forum


Remember the other easy ways you can speed up the FPS on high-poly scenes, first is splitting up your city into a bunch of multiple objects, that will allow.

1). Your game being sped up by the built in frustum culling, objects whose bounds are outside the camera will not be rendered
2). The use of occluders so objects entirely behind their bounds will not be rendered (in other words use of occlusion culling)

You’re right

But in a GTA style game made in blender it is almost impossible

We made tests, many tests, we use LOD, we use all the features of Blender to the maximum

the configuration of main computer is simple
powered by a nvidia 9600 gt

tested with 13 million vertex and GLSL, Blender is not opened

but we found a way where you can open and still run fast

the fact diminishes the vertex is simply getting rid of the weight that these are inutel

thanks for comment


Can you teach me how to get rid of the weight?

Your game plan sound exiting! I think your effort experimenting with Blender capabilities are great. Start small demo with test objects, test materials/textures & logics will make it easier to manage. It will be easier for friends in blenderartist (or anywhere else) to help/advice/troubleshoot if any problem occurs (smaller files are less messy & more exiting to download) and easier to pin point the problems too.

I’m so exited to watch & learn on how you manage the complete game world (models + textures).

Have fun! :slight_smile:

when the game begins to lag soon as people say they are the vertex

Most often they are right there are several more things that leave the hard game

Logic Bricks

Many links leave the game slower, so it is necessary to ease the creation of scripts in python module and thus the importation of the script is faster


best photo format is. jpg or. jp2 to be the format that uses less MB in size it makes the textures with the same look and lower weight, and it is very important to use the texture size of 500 x 500 textures and greater detail of size 640 x 640 textures with a value up to 1000 x 1000 are useless and weigh the game, as well as that of Sintel game lags even with a few items with SCENE “(on camera esposição direct the character had a texture above 2000x2000) this is totally wrong since it would give a texture less the same effect”


less is more, but that does not mean you have to leave the game square, use everything you need and discard the useless polygons

but even so the game crashes, the use of LOD is Inevitably

and if the game still lodge LAG is simply because you have broken one of the three rules

On those other types of bottlenecks, another member just posted a thread on what can be done to optimize when making a large game.

I put out all of the major options on how to optimize (off the top of my head of course), other people may post in the thread real soon to give more tips (because it’s about certain there’s several things related to this I either don’t know about or know very well) :slight_smile:

I show a new feature that we use in blender
animations helped in a newly released feature and I’m encinas step by step in three different languages English Portuguese and Spanish, all languages in the same video, so watch your language and click on watch the tutorial