1/8 R/c Buggy car WIP


(Sobschack) #1

Here a work in progress. At the beginning it was just a pratice for the awesome addon Speedflow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun

(FeralMan) #2

Nice work, speedflow are realy good for this kind of job.
Your model are made from a real refrence?

(Sobschack) #3

Thank you. Yes, I model a real car.

Some progress.

(djwaterman) #4

Nice to see someone tout Speedflow with such a detailed example.

(Sobschack) #5

Still one little day of modeling I think, after, go rigging !

(RickyBlender) #6

nice modelling
got so much details
is this from a real car or just from a small scale model

keep up the good work

happy cl

(Sobschack) #7

Thank you. Yes, it’s a small model car.

(Stephane Issaurat) #8

OMG ! :open_mouth:
It,s an incredible work !

(Stephane Issaurat) #9

Amazing ! We want an animation !!! :smile:

(Sobschack) #10

Haha, Thank’s :slight_smile:
Yes, full rigging an Eevee animation is planned :wink:

(John Tungul) #11

Nice detail.

Man this is inspiring I think I will do the suspension of my oshkosh latv model

(Sobschack) #12

Just finish the radio plate. Maybe still some adjustement, especialy on shaders. More pictures later.

(Dheim) #13

Been following your progress on twitter but still wanted to repeat here just how awesome this is. It’s so incredibly clean looking while still being very detailed. I love it!

(Sobschack) #14

Thank you Dheim :slight_smile: The better stil to come with the full rig :heart_eyes:

(Sobschack) #15

Wow, spent most time that i expect on the gaz tank but it’s here ! Tomorrow the last straight line with modeling of the motor and the exhaust. Hum… OS 21XZ-GT Speed or Ultimate M3-R ? :thinking:

(RickyBlender) #16

how did you do the tires ?
UV Mapping or Mesh !

how many verts up to now ?

happy cl

(BabJam) #17

This is geat, I also like modeling detailed mechanics. This gives me a boot. I will check speedflow.

(BabJam) #18

Can you advise where to find such details references ?

(Sobschack) #19

Thank you.
Tires are very simple. “8 cubes”, a mirror, a circular array. I use the Bevel node shader to give the look of an single mesh :wink:

For references, google images, pinterest, R/C cars community forums.

(Sobschack) #20

And a little less than 2 millions faces for the moment.