1 Click Materials / What do you think?

Hi. :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on an addon for Blender 2.8 and those are current materials that can be created with one click. I would like you to tell me what you think of those, would you change any or are they good like this and if you have any material types you would like to see.
None of those use external files.


Out of gold, you can create other similar materials just by changing the color.


This glass shader was based on the one that Gleb Alexandrov made.
Ignore the dots on the shader there is some slight problem with the model. :smiley:

Carbon Fiber

I need to work a bit on this one, but it is usable. Here is a bit problem with the UV unwrapping.

Emissive Fluorescent

Car Paint

Those materials were already on the internet in some form (Text or Video), but on all of them, I added my own spin and tweaks. :slight_smile:

These were a help:


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I’ve used the Material Library addon for quite a while now and it works great, so I’d like to see something similar in 2.8. The Radeon ProRender has a built in library – are you making something similar?

As for what I’d like to see – anything procedural, like rock, water, bricks, wood, etc.

The Radeon ProRender Material Library is one of the places where I take my inspiration from. :slight_smile:
I will try to create as much useful procedural materials as I can. That includes rock, water, wood etc. :blush:

Good deal. I look forward to your progress. :slight_smile:

Looking awesome so far!

Just a tip on the carbon fiber - the contrast between the weave directions is caused by a different anisotropic tangent not roughness. :wink:

And I might be able to help you out with a more sophisticated car paint shader if you like. Just send a PM for that if you’re interested because it is a very complex setup.

Also, this should help for rock materials.

He has provided the blend here:

Aaaand one more thing, those are air bubbles in the cycles material stand.

God bless and happy blending!

Thx. :blush:
I will definitely look into carbon fiber material, thanks for the tip. :wink:
The video will be helpful and about the car material, I would love to see your version. More choices are always better. Does it work properly in 2.8 or is there something that has to be changed? :slight_smile:

Paid or free?

Not sure about Glebs glass. If you mean his latest (?) tutorial, I’d say no. He should have stated “this is going for a specific look and art direction, I may break all the rules in the book for this one”. The result is good for what he’s trying to achieve, but it’s not how you should setup a general purpose glass shader.

Cabon fiber requires anisotropic shading to work, so a completely different approach needs to be outputted for the Eevee output (doesn’t support aniso). It should have support for both checker and twill weaving, and should have a thick epoxy coating on top. If it’s supposed to hold up in very closeup shots, the material will get very advanced quickly. UV layout is the responsibility of the end user, not yours, and the aniso tangents needs to be driven by UVs (quads only preferred). Aniso can be very suspect to fireflies.

Materials should come with notes on how to use them, do they handle one sided correctly etc. How are shadows/transmission handled for glass? Are there any utility nodes, such as making materials transparent from the backside, external microroughness controls, any kind of production ready trickery/optimization nodes - that may or may not work with both Eevee and Cycles. I.e. car paint in Eevee is much more fun due to the Shader2RGB node, which is not available to Cycles.

And what exactly is “a gold shader”? There would be tons of them that all have the same color quality, but different finishes - polished, semigloss, rough, honed, cut, milled, molten, hammered, satin, burnished, etc etc… And then with different heating treatments… And then with different… Well, you get the point. It’s easy to get started, hard to actually “finish”.

imho it would be enough,to have a material browser.this way you see preview mats,and append them with one click.
for procedural mats,this should be easy,but for mats with textures i dont know if it that easy to append,because of old files missing textures ect.

It is going to be free.

You are right and thanks for the tips.
I’ve also decided to go with node groups and append it is much faster. Coding all of the materials takes to much time. A time that I can use to create more materials and provide more control for the end user. :slight_smile:

Have you seen this? https://bis.interplanety.org/
This is the free online Blender material library accenting on procedural materials. You can save your materials to this library and share them to all users.

Don’t overcomplicate (like I do :D). Sometimes users/scene desire the most simplistic material that does the job with the least amount of compile time. Fake glass can be as simple as a fresnel mix between transparency and glossy, or as super complex as you want to take it accounting for everything. Why would I use the latter if the first one does the job?

This is interesting but it seems a bit complicated if you are not a pro user. But it is something that I will look into. Thx

I tend always to overcomplicate the things I do. :smiley: Yes simple is sometimes better but having options is not always a bad thing. Of course time is money and rendering stuff especially that have transparency and reflections can take a long time but we have online renderfarms that can speed up the process. Nobody has to use complicated node setups if they don’t want it. :smiley:

If you want to become a real material creator, I can get you a pro account. Send me a private message with your “bis” login.