10 Cubes in progress roundup

Everyone is awesome, and I am so proud to be part of this community. You have been posting amazing work with some frankly ridiculous restraints. Every new prompt releases a wave of incredible art and I am so pleased and surprised at the direction that they take.
Some of the delightful surprises include:

  • clever use of cubes, where 1 cube can serve as 2 parts of an image
  • clever use of intersections, creating interesting and unexpected shapes
  • For the “High tech” prompt, almost everything was either vintage or ancient. I got a good chuckle out those.
  • I don’t know if I dropped too much of a brain seed with the sample image for historical photos, but 3 different people came up with 3 very different takes on the Tank Man of Tiananmen square. I love this. This is such an important piece of history and I am so pleased that many other people hold it in an esteemed place in their memory. Art is an amazing way to preserve the memory of such bravery in the face of impossible odds

Unsurprisingly, you all made some amazing art. I want to highlight a selection of the submissions that caught my eye. There were way too many incredible pieces to feature them all. If you haven’t yet, scroll through the #10-cubes-challenge-2022 category to see all of the amazing submissions. (keep in mind, there are multiple submissions in some of the posts, so make sure to peek into the topics to catch 'em all)


*the lighting and storytelling in this image are wonderful.

A+ memery right here. I love it.

Still life:

With constraints on the number of cubes, a gentle curve feels so luxurious.

I’m a sucker for classic film cameras and this one is just right.


Sushi lends itself well to this format, with recognizable pieces that can be simply represented, as seen here:

Without being able to make round shapes, capturing the essence of an organic object is a much more subtle art - this bell pepper totally feels like a bell pepper :bell_pepper: :+1:


This one gets special recognition for using true cubes, rather than cuboids. also the brow ridge is spot on.

Some simple shaders and careful use of environmental lighting can create a very compelling image. :flamingo:

High Tech:

High tech indeed, I appreciate the long view on history here. Also, my mother in law is a hand spinner, so I am familiar with this tech.

Clever use of hidden cubes to keep the cube quota.

Famous Photos:

An iconic image, executed perfectly.

The execution of the flag and the angles of the soldiers are quite striking. I could see this as a memorial sculpture with stone blocks.

Again, there are many many more fantastic pieces, and you should really check them all out.

Keep them coming, everyone! I hope to see many more submissions for the last few prompts…


Thank you for featuring one of my submissions. I am having so much fun on this challenge, especially because I get to experience everyone’s great inventive and ingenuity. I wonder where I was in the last 14 years the challenge has been up, but I am so glad I am part of it now.


Thanks for featuring me! Everyone is doing an amazing job on this challenge.

My last entry was #4 so I have some days to catch up to.


Gorilla says “Uba uba thanks for featuring”

I regret missing out on this. By the time I read about it going on, submissions were closed. :frowning:

Who told you submissions were closed? Join us! make a movie themed submission, it’s never too late!


Hmm. Let me think of something, and I’ll post it right fast.

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Hooray! :10cubes: :heart:

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Okay, I’ve thought of something.

…that my brain just happened upon this idea while spinning cubes around goes to show that I have the sense of humor and emotional maturity of a 12 year old. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Bulldog.



Make a new thread in the 10 cubes challenge category for it to be seen in the 10 cube gallery!


Aaand done.

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Thanks for featuring one of my submissions!
I’m enjoying the challenge and it is great seeing how creative people are with such constraints. Glad I participated

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You humbly missed one of my favorites!


Thanks for featuring me! :wink:

Thanks for the feature, was a fun challenge. I dint get a chance to do do the other entries lemme try to do the remaining ones now I’m on break.

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It’s never too late :slight_smile: