1D_Scripts, Bargool_1D_tools [main thread]

glorious information. thanks 1D!

Great set of tools. Thanks!

hey yo these tools are great, I wonder that why no such popular yet? :X

Www, just found this Thread- and it looks very promising!
I Have one quick question before I try to test it my self.
Is there a option to actually create the plane(as an additional mesh) that is defined by the three points?
This would be very helpful-


1D, are there tools in your toolsets that make doing furniture tufts and folds between the tufts easier? Or can you suggest other addons that make this task easier? Thanks

1D, would you have any instructional videos on tufts and folds?

Hi everyone, can not download the latest version of the script, has it been made private? Is it necessary to pay? Can you tell me how to do it?
Ciao Pietro

For me it is working. Just downloaded from this link provided in post #2.

1D, to get bargool tools to install I had to remove Bargool_1D_tools from the zipped folder and zip it and then install. The test py was not included in the zipped file. Is this correct?


You don’t need to repack anything, just download pure build placed further on download page.
Find this line
Check updates: https://github.com/bargool/1D_Bargool_tools/releases/

Thanks 1D. Your modeling abilities are very remarkable. Brent

Does this work with 2.79?

@ 1D-Inc

How to use Sure UV is now built in 1D_Scripts (supports multiple objects selection)?

yep ! Hello !
dropbox link may17 in2016 from artisanicview seems down !
also i got it there (download file)
BUT is there any trouble with 1Dscripts ? as some are very useful !! (3d match … )
in fact an easy add-on i would like to have is about turning working axes from a plane (i know it exists…) but compressing the workflow to find plane (as normal axe sometimes FAILS !) … so it will be useful for any object to be oriented easily.

There were trouble with Blenderartists - it changed interface during migration 1D_Scripts to Github.
Link has been updated.

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Blender is awesome, gorgeous software we are using just daily, and suppor for years!
But there were some basic simple things skipped from the very begining, things we are waiting for about decade, and what can be found in almost any other 3d package.

There there is the rule of making something - provide full cycle for operations consistency.
For example, if you are making table editor - you HAVE to provide filtering, sorting and ability to delete rows/columns alongside with ability to add them.
If you making text editor - there HAVE to be search and replace feature and fonts.

And there are things, that shoud contain every 3D editor to provide basic full cycle for actual 3D editing.
At the moment in Blender are awesome “MESH” tools, it have one of the most flexible mesh editing tools possible.
But those skipped features are mostly can be called “CAD” - features that allows 3d editing without numers to provide comfortable work with assemblies.
We made some CAD tools by using MESH tools, there are lot of themm but the most important are:

  1. Classic CAD snap - for edit/object modes (2-point snap, with ability to select FROM and TO snap points for move and copy)
    We made sideshift tool and then modified NP_script to provide concept proof a bit better -here is GIF:

Nowdays we are using both of them - sideshft is also awesome as ruler.

  1. 2D/3D precise alignation - for edit/object modes (3-point snap, ability to set 3points as FROM, 3points as TO, with making transformation of selection between those points)
    This, actually, broughts basic precise 3D editing into Blender.
    As example we made a 3DMATCH tool, that displays concept perfectly.

  2. 2D/3D precise rotation/scaling - for edit/object modes (rotation/scaling of selection based on surrounding geometry). It is presented as Rotor-scaler tool, that allows precise operations with objects with applied rotations and scale.

  1. POLYCROSS tool - ability to make a precise cut/section based on geometry.

  2. Grouping (a lock button, ON mode brings ability to select entire collection or group to move it like it was parented, OFF mode allows classic selection)
    A very important part of asseblies!
    That concept was shown in GroupPRO addon, that have no back compartibility to vanilla Blender.

  3. A couple of words about panning view on RMB. This is a secret professional setup, that allows to beat default users by speed instantly.
    Like this - you just have NOT to use both hands for perfoming one of the most popular operation in 3d modeling EVERY TIME you are doing it.
    With setting up (zoom object to view) to doublescroll this broughts entire 3D viewport manifulation freedom to one hand with mouse.


good point… and thanks for the addon I use it often

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thank you so much !
sometimes the vertex, created to move object with NP_script, stays.
a very useful script.
i will suggest an other order for your multiple scripts as they don’t concern the same:
some about align - adjust, others about really diverses - so to mention that the 1D tab for NP script… and others is good ! so on is a menu for 3D align, for UVs … etc next to give you image adjustement of the keep-it cool re-ordering :wink:

It stayes all the time because it was designed to work with huge scenes with up to 40000 objects, when adding/deleting something is painful.
We are thinking about redesign, but there will be 2.8 (half of them may die), and there will be needed new manual, so this is all is also painful at the moment.

Your addons collection looks great. Looking forward to try it.