1D_Scripts, Bargool_1D_tools [main thread]

There is main thread about 1D_Scripts and Bargool_1D_tools, a sets of concepts of tools for Blender 3D by my design.
We glad to present manual about 1D_Scripts toolset in pdf format.


Permanent links
1D_Scripts - https://github.com/Cfyzzz/Scripts/blob/master/1D_Scripts.py
Bargool_1D_tools - https://github.com/bargool/Bargool_1D_tools/releases (master)
AM1D, amTest, amMatch (https://bitbucket.org/formjune/blender_am/src/master/)
AM1D 1.0.22.zip (100.9 KB)

Fresh F2 (2.79) - https://github.com/Cfyzzz/Other-scripts/blob/master/f2.py
Latest F2 (2.8) - https://github.com/Cfyzzz/Other-scripts/blob/master/f2%2028%201-8-4.py

(old contrib)

1D_Scripts manual (eng+rus pdf) - download link
Bargool_1D_tools, AM manuals are unavailable

Blender - AutoCAD LISP exporter/inporter

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-17.lsp (158.8 KB) - 01-02-2023 AutoCAD only

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-09.zip (2.2 MB) - 02.01.2019 (1D2OBJ reads OBJ wiremeshes as flat polylines)

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-08.zip (2.2 MB) - 16.10.2018

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-05.zip (2.1 MB)

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-02.zip (2.1 MB)

ACad2Obj4Blender_v5-17.lsp (158.9 KB) - 28.05.2023



Videos about 1D_scripts tools

Most of them are parts of B.A.S.E. (Basepoint Alignation Snaps Extension) snap enhancement proposal




Some features demo


I guess, there will be some questions about stock trading (such as Turbosquid).
As for me, I spend 100% my turbosquid to different opensource development suport.
Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, 1D_Scripts, Bargool_1D_tools, Sverchok, IFC openshell, Lee Mac Programming, pyroevil’s molecular, Fracture modifier, etc.
Well, here is what I learned after 3 years of trading.

  1. The main law of sales. Model will be bought only in one case - if it is needed immediately. And then price is not matter.

  2. Model trading is more trading, than models. It’s a game of chances. Sales starts from 50 models in account.

  3. A customer purchases an impression, so products previews should arouse a desire to lick the monitor.

  4. There will be no sales first half of year. It’s okay. That means, that tags you provided with your models covers too few searching space, so models from your account is hard to find.

  5. Tags Tags Tags. With/without mistakes. So much as it is possible. As practice shows, peoples can’t find even free models witout tag “free”.

  6. Dumping doesnot works. There almost no sales of cheap models in my account.

  7. The most popular format is max. Provide OBJ and FBX necessarily anyway - other software users don’t know that blend can be converted to this formats inside of Blender.
    Blend format is now gathering pace - when I started there were no ability even to set Blend file format as main in Turbosquid. Fixed a year ago.

  8. SquidGuild is a promise to post your model only on Turbosquid in exchange for higher royalty percentage. I’m not a member of it to have ability to post my models on Blendermarket and Blendswap, so I have maximum 40% royalty from sales (without taxes).

  9. Be careful with licensing - set “Editorial Uses Only” if your model depicts design of famous brand.

  10. There is a lot of furniture around intrernet. So, modeling furniture especially for stocks is pretty risky decision. Golden mine is “what everybody needs, but still was not modelled”.

  11. Day of delayed model’s posting - a day of lost potential customers.


Here we go

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Thanks for those excellent tools I will try it soon

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Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much? I was waiting for them since you posted the first videos. Great also that you did a good documentation. And thanks a lot for donating to so much good project that benefit everyone :slight_smile:

This is a really big addon and have a lot of options. Thanks. :cool:

After looking at the code, some functions use poll that checks for active objects

 <b>   def poll(cls, context):
        return context.active_object is not None</b>

The problem is if the object is a non editable one it will throw up an error. For instance using BarcOperator (Create B-Arc) while a camera is selected/active.


Well, there is a set of concepts of tools, with core functionality - final tools, for sure, should have much more protection to be final.
So there is a lot of such stuff can be found, I guess)
Usually I submit more deadly bugs to developers, because development goes under mine financial support, and I submit stuff only if I have enough funds for it.
(I just don’t like to make my devs work for free)

But thank you for mentionig this, I will submit this input type check for next release)

No Problem :slight_smile: Just wanted to help.

Great set of tools, but was hard to find. Came here form a bunch of other links. Can you add precision modeling in the title?

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Well, it seems I can’t find the way to do this)

Thanks Paul, Can you possibly reference your LISP work, as well? Much appreciation.

Hi 1D_Inc , thanks for sharing your addon.

It’s possible with Polycross (functions) to Cutting Plans and Sections a simalar like Sketchup?
“Cutting Plans and Sections - Google Sketchup Video Tutorial Complete”

How to install Bargool_1D_tools-master ?

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Hello! We were thinking about this functionality, but no.

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A good news - 1D_Screepts are added to plugin registry)

Great news. Glad to hear.

Added Dist vertices section.
It allows to select vertices with given distance between them (for example, to define which vertices will be collapsed with Remove Doubles function), or perform volumetric selection (useful for pointclouds, leafes etc.)

Hi Paul is this function already in the repo?!
Bytheway 3d Match saved my day today :smiley:
Best Regards