2.47 is available!

Hello to all
the brand new 2.47 version of Blender is available!
Its mainly a “bugfix” one, but have some nice functions for the game engine freaks.
After some moments of manipulation, I’ve noticed that “multi-textures” work again, that “Shape keys Actions” is available and a new ( and complicated?) “AND” Logic brick, and “Move” Actuators.
If someone could make/point to some info/tuts about these topics it would be nice.
I’ve made a little example .b file ( commented ) of “Shape keys” animation:

awesome its about time with the shape keys

thanks oto !!!

Thanks you muchly kind Sir!

So this isn’t the new GLSL official release?

@ the red hand no glsl will come with 2.5 I think

Any tuts on how to use the state system and the new motion actuator?

You made me download it.

wth I’m friggin angry! not only the GLSL stuff arent in it but when I create a runtime of the game, once I run the game: NO SHADING! >:OOO
continues to look some godamn new bug

Thanks Micro27, now I know not to download it. Apricot is needed for me.

There are some good GLSL Apricot 2.47 builds on graphicall.
These should be used really for the latest features.
Remember 2.47 Official, was mostly bug fixes, with a couple of enhancements thrown in.
The latest Apricot Build is already further advanced than the Official Build.
with Shrinkwrap Modifier & GLSL & all the enhancements from 2.47.
Development goes on…

I really wish they will put back the old way of texturing… I hate the 2.46 way, it was fine b4…

I have to use 2.45 to texture and uv map, then open the completed in 2.46… UHG


I’ll just assume that the alpha-sorting problem was omitted from the bug-fix list? Or maybe its been resolved? It’ll be a few more days before I get a chance to download it and find out.

the alpha-sort bug isn’t fixed !!! :frowning: .

Well, on the bright side, this should improve our karmas. :wink: Deal with the bug until 2.5, and maybe it’ll rain icecream or something like that.

i test it with my game, and the framerat is a little better (2-3fps) and a bug has been fixed (object disappear with some action, near border of camera)

good news :smiley:

EDIT : it seems that the framerate is better because the vertex array option should be activate.
EDIT 2 : a bug appears, shader+added objects => the shader result is good for one and all other have his shader result (if the one move, the shader considere all move)…

Ice cream that’ll melt before you can eat any.

a question pops now , where is GLSL from the game menu ?

There isn’t any GLSL in this.

Alpha sorting is a bit better in the newest Apricot builds, I don’t think the sorting improvement was put in 2.47.