2.5 UI font

I guess font smoothing is a very personal preference. I hear lots of people love smooth fonts, and I believe they really prefer it. But I’m with raphael here, I don’t like antialiased fonts for the user interface. I like them at really big sizes, but not at the size I use for my UI.

I have set the fonts on my desktop to non-antialiased. So far every application I use either respects that, or I can set it in the preferences of the program. Blender 2.5 is the first that forces me to work with smooth UI fonts.

What I would like to see, in case it is possible to implement, is an option to switch antialiasing off AND choose the font for the interface, because not all fonts look good non-antialiased. If that’s not possible, I would at least like to have the old bitmap font back, which for me is still better to work with than the current font.

I would say Blender is in need of “The Flea’s Knees”, a subpixel font still legible (and probably only legible) at a font size of 3.


I like profont, an unantialiased font that is very legible at 9pt. I use it for my terminals and status bars.

in my stupid quest to have non AA font , i got this

but i did not succeed in getting good AA fonts everywhere, and i can’t save the theme…too bad

@raphael - thats a pretty kickass font you have there, just needs some size and “bold-ing” adjustments for the titles. How did you get it to use your font? I’ve been trying to make it use my own pixelfont with cyrillic characters in it for awhile but can’t find how to get Blender to use it.

in the outliner—>user preferences –>themes section

you can change the name of the theme from “default” to whatever you like. Once you’ve done that then the theme should be saveable…

I also like to know how you got Blender to use that font, raphael. Looks very nice and crisp in most places.


Michael : unfortunatly, i can’t save the theme (under linux)… perhaps it’s my built, i’ll make a new one today.

Pesho and Sanne : i replaced the blender font in the sources by a nice “bitmap” TTF font, and then i just built blender… but the result is not so great… im’ digging :wink:

Please, specify path and name of the font file. I want to do some tests.

I think I know how:

python datatoc.py

and copy to

Wow - that´s a truly awful font to work with :eek:

I already knew how to save my Themes, but do you mean you can also save a different font, exactly how can that be done? I opened User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U) and selected a new font in the “Fonts:” section then Saved As Default. It didn’t save the new font. My new font selection also shows up in Outliner/User Preferences/File Paths/Fonts Directory. I changed some settings in Themes 3D View, changed the Theme Name then Saved As Default and that works.

It seems you are saying you can save a new font, but I don’t see how.

I’ve tried that, and also replacing .bfont.ttf, but nothing happens. Or perhaps the “Fonts” directory is for text objects?

it works! thanks AMDx64BT and raphael for the tips.

here is what I got:

And anyone knows why icons in headers have different sizes in 3d view and properties panel?

Hey nice! Now that makes me wonder if you can alter the widget shapes too - in SVG format perhaps?


AMDx64BT : sorry for the non-answer, i was out. But you get it right, python datatoc.py and so…

The font i used for my tests was found on internet, its name is “visitor” (it’s not GPL, but it’s just for my own tests)

Vainqueur : that´s a quite awful font to work with , i agree, but this is my buggy attempt to get a non AA font (my holly Graal)

cyberlecs : wow, your font look far better than mine :wink:

its name is “visitor” (it’s not GPL, but it’s just for my own tests)

AFAIK it’s free for personal and commercial use in any way imaginable.

Bitmap fonts:

Volter Goldfish font

ahhahha ahhrrrrrRRRrrrrRRrrr this looks great !
(i’m mad)