2.5 will get old window splitting method too???


i’m a maya and lightwave guy and there’s a lot of things about the blender interface that i have felt really needed a change - or at least the option to change.

but one of the things that i’ve always held up as a shining, brilliant example of ui work was the blender method and EASE of splitting windows… drag to a window frame and rt. click and BAM! split! BAM! split! BAM!

love that! especially compared to maya and especially compared to lw where making new windows is such a pain.

the 2.5 alpha does NOT seem to have the older method and sports another way which i find not as fast or as intuitive.

does anyone know if the old way will be rolled back in as well? can i sign a petition or something? i want it back!


the old method will not come back.
move on.

Many have voiced the same opinion(me included) but alas in different threads at different times not all being noticed I guess… :frowning:

yeah the new method has the added bonus of randomly splitting the screen when the split screen button overlaps other buttons on the screen… but yeah we must just get used to unique sweet overlapping buttons feature :wink:

Also, your 3D cursor gets regular free trips to the corners of your screen. I also liked the old way better, but IMHO all the new small annoyances introduced in 2.5 are a small price to pay for all the good things.

Just to put my 2c in, I prefer the old way much, much, more aswell…

I wouldn’t say that the old way was that much better, but I would love to have it as an option… joining windows wash much easier.

+1 for the old way. and it isn’t the only step back I would make

I haven’t used 2.5 too much yet, but the window splitting and joining gave me by far the most issues. I always had to stop and think for 2 seconds, because I never could do it intuitively, not even after 20 trials in different sessions.
I guess I will eventually accommodate to this, it’s not a deal breaker, all the new functionality in all the other areas of 2.5 is superb. Still it always feels as if the UI Designers tried to make something that was not easily discoverable but efficient instead discoverable and efficient. In my opinion it is completely counter-intuitive and fails at both points. Just my 2 cents though.

Currently none of the devs have the old splitting method as something on their todo list afaik, but patches are always welcome :slight_smile:


Tenthed. :slight_smile:
To the Devs, I don’t want to sound rude, but please don’t get into a paradigm of ‘throw out all the old’, regardless of it’s practicality/usefulness.

Although I love 2.5…+1 for the “old way”.

Right click > split is much faster than having to look for the handle and plan where to drag to to.
Developers, please listen to the community.

The old way is a bit nicer because you can keep your mouse centralized to the main work area. Who can we bribe to implement this, hmmmm?

I prefer the new window split method. So as part of “the community” should they be listening to you or me.


Drag > split is much faster than having to look for which way to split and having to think about clicking on horiz for vert splitting and the other way around.

-1 for the old method. The new method is much more intuitive.

However, for those who like the funky old method… you could, well… just script it yourself? :ba: You can add menus, you can add screen actions… I think it shouldn’t be too hard to do that.

old method +1 love it

Well, it’s hard to be scientific, but I’d guess that people who are content with the new system wouldn’t really post in this thread… so we don’t really know hoe many think it’s an improvement or a step backward…

Personally, I think both systems have good and bad points… the hotspots in the corners are two small for me and too near the edge of the screen when using a tabletpc…

…but swapping regions is cool, as is “popping” them into new windows!

but as Letterip says, the main devs have their plates full, and none seem to want to scratch this itch, which leaves it to a community member to write a patch…

Not with the current api!

I haven’t used 2.49 since weeks, now. I don’t even remember how the windows splitting is done in 2.49. When the 2.5 way of doing came, i was surely a little puzzled. but it became very quicly quite natural. No keyboard shortcut to remind…