2.8 Default Keymap

I agree. I think most programs handle this poorly. Folks argue about “standards” as though there was some meeting where every company got together and decided what the best shortcuts for commands should be. The reality of the situation is that it is simply easier for developers to copy the shortcuts of other programs when they add similar features. The fact that there are so many differences between their keymaps shows this.

If they really cared about making things easier for users who use their product along side other tools, then they really would have gotten together and created an actual standard they could all strictly adhere to.

Now as far as selection goes, I think blender was on the right track when they treated it as a toggle. Other software should really copy blender in this regard, not the other way around. I can only hope that the new default keymap treats A as a toggle again before it hits stable.


More to the point, the Ctrl-A shortcut was born of the necessity to keep the single-press keys free for typing text. This was the whole point of the Ctrl key.

But in Blender you don’t type text.

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except when you type text (text tool, console, scripting, etc)

Which are each contained in their own context.

In autocad, I added some hotkeys, only to discover that they trigger during typing text. Appalling.

The way I see it, everyone will be using the industry standard keymap once it is established. So no point fighting hard. :wink:

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How would one bring back the old functions for “Z” , “.”, “,” on single press, and keep the new useful pie menus on hold?

I tried changing the shortcuts myself to what Blender 2.79 had but I’m getting errors.
The extra step of the menu, while functional and consistent with the rest of the interface is adding me an intermediary step for functions I use A LOT and slows the workflow down a bit…

user dpdpforlife posted a perfect solution to this here:


The command “Center View to Mouse” is missing from the new keymap (used to be Alt-F). Could you please bring this back? This command can only be used with a hotkey, because of how it works.

  • it is immediate (non-modal) and
  • relies on the exact mouse position at the time of activation.

It navigates the 3D View (the pivot-point of the view) to the surface that the mouse is hovering over when you press the key. It is a very fast and efficient way to jump around your scene in 3D. This means it is not inside any of the menus, and is not discoverable. If you remove it from the keymap, the command is basically “deleted” from Blender.

edit: the command is “view3d.view_center_pick”


This command is really crucial and it’s a shame it’s so hard to discover for new Blender users. It’s really one of the core components for navigating the viewport and I have it bound into one of my few and precious mouse buttons. This combined with view3d.view_selected (also on a mouse button) make navigating really fast.


Although it does not make sense to directly use it with a click from menu; I think for discoverability it should be in Align View submenu.
Behavior could be different when called from menu. It could show a pipette to give user time to move mouse at desired location.

Yes that’s a good idea, with a pipette.
Plus, if it’s in a menu, you can right-click on it and quickly assign a shortcut. Which you can’t do as it is now.

I agree with this. Some users seem to want to keep this feature because of accidental deletions. So let me get this straight. We keep the X key as delete, but since the X key is easier to get accidentally pressed than the Delete key, we have to keep the delete confirmations even though Blender has an undo function for quite a while already? Is this really an elegant design? In Maya, almost all operations are outputted at the bottom so any accidental operations would be displayed. However, most apps seem to get by fine without any delete notifications or confirmation boxes. This would drive people nuts if there were delete confirmations in word processors, Photoshop, audio editors, etc. Why is this needed in a 3d app?

Please get rid of these delete confirmations or give an option to disable them.


Work on a dense scene.

Then tell us the undo function is anywhere near as useful or as fast as the confirmation box.
Not to mention undo doesn’t even work if you’re working on a super dense mesh (say, in order to clean it up), so you’ve either dialled down the undo RAM max, or turned off undo, in order to save ram…

It’s also completely different from any confirmation boxes used in any other program like word processors, photoshop, audio editors etc. Because blender doesn’t use the standard delete confirmation box that pops up in the middle of the screen, instead the button appears under your mouse.


IMO, delete prompt should be present in default keymap but it should be optional.
It is true that in complex scenes, you could delete hidden things without figure it out in time.
But it is also true that some people are never dealing with complex scenes.
The need of prompt varies according to workflow.
It is fine to have Quit prompt as a User Preference. It should be the same for delete prompts.


That doesn’t mean it needs confirmation box. That means undo performance needs to be improved.

That’s not how any development should work. Let’s say extrude in Blender would be very slow. The right solution is to make extrude faster. The wrong solution is to introduce a new confirmation popup you need to click every time you press extrude.

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If the problem is accidental deletion, they could make it not use a top-level key. e.g. use Shift+X or something instead of just X.

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Undo is always a last resort, and should always be a last resort, because it is complex.

There is no way to improve undo performance on dense scenes. You’re just dealing with too much data. It’s going to be slow.

Why don’t we trigger a Windows UAC request while we’re at it? You know, to be extra safe. Oh, and a 10-second timer. You wouldn’t want the user to confirm without first thinking it over, now would you? :joy:

I bet you’re one of those crazy people who never turns off the exit confirmation either. :upside_down_face:

Jokes aside, that’s what undo is for. If it doesn’t work, that’s a bug and should be fixed. If it’s slow, it’s still faster than annoying users with popups all the time.

Undo is a last resort, it is never fully trustworthy, and you should never rely on it. Blender’s confirmation dialog takes 0 time to use, as it’s using a different hand to press, a button you’re finger is already poised and ready to click on, and the mouse doesn’t even have to move.

It saves people’s mistakes, and costs no time or effort to everyone else.

If it takes no time, then it takes no thought either. It will just become muscle memory and you’ll click it before catching yourself saying ‘oops’. Besides, I FUCKING HATE meaningless popups of all sorts, and I know I’m not the only one.

If you have encountered a problem, then it’s a bug and you should file it.

If you truly work directly on superdense meshes all day and feel you really need a confirmation dialog, then I suggest you write yourself a small addon that adds that popup confirmation. No, seriously, try it. I promise it’s easy. You can then share it with like-minded heavy mesh editors. :slight_smile: (Or just keep it to yourself, like I do with my small improvements, so you don’t have to maintain them for others. Whatever floats your boat.)

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“Watch out your language young man” :joy: You have the delete button for you, you can delete without any confirmations, but for us who works sometimes for long time on heavy scene and by mistake we can hit that x and regret for awhile. I believe that this is good trade off, even though i suggested, in the main discussion, to put this option in the user preferences. I believe this is good as well. https://developer.blender.org/T57880