2.8 Industry Compatible Keymap issues

I’m fairly new to Blender and making the move from Modo/Maya. I’m using the Industry Compatible mode and was wondering if:

-there is a way to select edge rings without having to select and edge and then digging through the menus to find the ‘select edge ring’ option. So alt- double clicking and edge or anything along those lines would be great (i’ve tried a lot of combinations without luck.

-Can I double click a polygon face and select all connected polys under this keymap? The current behavior is to select poly loops, which I find a bit less useful.

Finally there seems to be a bug when using this keymap… 2, 3, 4 are mapped to vert, edge, face. I changed this to 1, 2, 3 instead. It works while the current session is running and (after saving prefs) if I restart Blender, these keys go back to 2, 3, 4. Am I doing something wrong?


You need propably save the key config or save the user preference before closing the Software. But 2 3 4 are operators if you save the key config they will not work anymore.

Alt-clicking can’t work, because Alt-click is used for view manipulation. Might be able to use Ctrl-click.

Currently double-clicking selects loops. I know that in Maya, double-clicking in Face Select mode selects all connected faces. I’m not sure there’s a good way in Blender to differentiate between the modes - the hotkeys are the same in vert, edge or face select modes.

It’s not a bug. 1 is Object, 2 vert, 3 edge, 4 face, 5 sculpt, 6 paint etc. There are some issues with changing the order. If we do, it works poorly for object types other than meshes.

It also then becomes different from the order they are in the mode menu, although that is a smaller issue.

I have been using Alt-DoubleClick for ring selection for a long time with my maya config, it works fine :slight_smile:

Is it me or the Difference mode is Box Select never worked? I’ve been trying to get Shift+Ctrl Box select to invert my selections like in Maya since 2.5 but no luck.

You can check this keymap I think that for the moment it’s far superior to the Industry standard and really helpful when you come from Maya/Max.

Last time I checked that one, it was still very non-standard in a bunch of ways. Different from the built-in keymap yes, but also different from any other app, which defeats the purpose of the Industry Compatible keymap.

So I think that keymap just has different goals and use-cases in mind.

I will add this. It appears not to conflict with Alt-key navigation.

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It should work. Just tested and it works here.

I agree that there are no similarities sometimes but standardization also means that some stuff is always done the same in all editors, consistency. For example “z” centers the view to selection also in outliner and UV editor, then you have Box Selection available in object/edit/UV/nodes without a special shortcut or exit transform tools. By the way, do you know if there is a sheet/table with all the shortcuts for IS keymap? I want to test it more indepth. Thanks!

The basics are listed here: https://developer.blender.org/T54963

I could add a more full chart.

Focusing on the selection is F, just like in Maya, Unity and many many other DCC apps. It’s a good example of the difference in goals: The ICK is designed to make moving between DCC applications seamless, whereas I think @rawalanche has some kind of other goal with his keymap.

I think his keymap is more ‘opinionated’, meaning he has invented lots of new conventions that are specific to that keymap. It’s probably all nice and fine, but defeats the purpose of making switching between many DCC apps as seamless as possible.


The main thread for feedback on this is here btw:

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Yes, my keymap is better at efficiency but not better at being familiar to users coming from other apps. So at this point, it makes sense for ICK to be the one shipped with Blender.

I’d not be opposed for mine to be shipped with it as well, though, since I spent lot of time on it and I would like as many people to benefit from it as possible :slight_smile:

At the same time though, stock Keymaps should not end up the same way stock themes did in 2.7x :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info William, this all makes sense. Maybe I can use mouse4 and mouse5 for select ring and select linked? I”ll give this a shot and see if Blender allows me to.

Yes that should be possible to do.

Could it be possible to leave the choice for the Search Menu to be on Spacebar with the Industry Standard as for the other Blender config on the Splash screen?

Substance Designer has it on Spacebar for instance, there is no real industry standard defined yet.

Edit: Is it just me or Alt + Wheel Up / Down or Alt + Wheel In / Out doesn’t work? I would like to assign it to the zoom.

It’s possible of course but will refrain from adding random keymap options. This can get out of hand quickly.

At some point there could be variation options on this keymap to make it more like Maya or more like X app. But, this will make it harder to maintain, and also harder to memorise and share, if each person uses own variation.

For now you can of course customise it normally via the keymap editor.

Just regular wheel up/down should do zooming, unless I am misunderstanding?

Yes it’s not a problem.

I know, but I like it to be with Alt as well as all the navigation is using Alt. Having to release Alt to zoom somewhat breaks the flow to me :slight_smile:

What is weird is that it works with Shift and Ctrl, but not Alt (if you assign view3d.zoom to ANY wheelmouse). So something must be blocking the Alt+wheelmouse shortcut.

Edit: found the culprit, it was Re-Last that was blocking it! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the support @William !!

Zbrusher with some middleware animation and (brief) Blender 2.79 rigging experience here. I am crazy about customizing workplaces. For what it’s worth…

I jumped into 2.80 April version and used industry compatible keymap, took to it quickly. But also found one or two things missing when keyframing. Then after watching a few new 2.8 tutorials, realizing that I now have to search for all kind of buried gems/ new functions by COMPARING both keymap menus (WOW RIGHT?), I decided to stick to Blender 2.8 standard map with left click select, and customize shortcuts to the max.

I appreciate how sincere Blender devs are in creating new map, but considering them juggling the variables of middle mouse button and new right click menus while trying to please… you’d expect some things to break.

Unlearning lots and also rigged a new basic character since. No regrets so far modifying the std Blender map.