2.8 normal map baking broken?

(BTolputt) #21

Please let me know the results you come up with (both for normal baking and any other tests you run). I’m buried in Blender code atm for an unrelated patch and I know if I start playing around with anything else, I’ll get distracted for another week (xmas period is BUSY for me).

(DKesserich) #22

I just tested with blender-2.80-a205493426b-win64 and it is definitely not fixed.

Looks like Jasiek has had the same results, based on their comments on the bug.

(Jasiek) #23

Indeed, the only thing that changed since Brecht’s fixing of a bug is that baking out normals no longer produces a grey result. Rn what I’m thinking is happening with all baking is that the raycast length isn’t working and it’s catching the faces from the other side too - and the effect in the bake is a sorta mix between both sides of the mesh.

I’ve also made bug reports for broken diffuse and ao baking:



(Jasiek) #24

Nothing changed in blender-2.80-9c963d363e9 as of 5th of December, nothing really happening in the bug reports too.

I’d really like to know if they’re at least talking about this internally…

I tried baking to planes instead of to a 3D object and the result is similarly broken as when baking to a full 3D object so I guess it’s not catching the faces from the other side of the object as I previously thought.

(iceythe) #25


Go figure.

I see now that you’re the person that submitted the report.

I think it would benefit if someone could chime in on that and confirm that it has not been resolved.

(Jasiek) #26

Yeah, after my last comment Brech reopened the Bug Report - but nothing since then.

(sozap) #27

don’t hold your breath , there are a lots of broken stuff here and there like this : https://developer.blender.org/T58415, which has been buggy since a few month

Of course it won’t stay like this, at least 2.8 is now much more stable than when the Alpha came out, I’m sure all these issues will be tackled at some point, maybe they have too much work on the basis (dependency graph etc … ) to work on baking or rendering yet…

Officially 2.8 isn’t production ready so dev’s can keep essential stuff broken and keep fixing what they think is more appropriate …

(Jasiek) #28

It works now!

Still there’s two things I find wrong and made bug reports about:

Face weighted normals on the low poly are completely ignored during bake:

Crashing when baking in edit mode:

(DKesserich) #29

It not only works, but it bakes bump maps that are on the high poly object into the normal map of the low poly! That’s a pretty significant addition to Cycles baking over 2.7x. Surprised Pablo hasn’t highlighted it.

(Jasiek) #30

Woah, that was really missing! Awesome!

Now if only I can bake with surface weighted normals on the low poly to get flat surfaces on the normal map where there should indeed be flat surfaces, I’ll be one happy camper.

There used to also be an issue that blender normal maps imported into Unity where always slightly concave, I’ll have to test if that is still the case - a simple cube with flat walls is ideal to test this.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #31

This has AFAIR worked from the beginning? I think.

(Jasiek) #32

If you had a normal map on the high poly it would bake out to the low, but if you used the displacement slot in the high poly shader with a bump(not normal map) it wouldn’t bake out into the low poly normal map.

(DKesserich) #33

I just double checked this in 2.78 and 2.79b and they only bake out geometry normals.

Did a normal map bake of a sphere with a musgrave texture going into a bump map node into the normal slot on the principled shader onto a cube and the result was the same as it would’ve been if the sphere had nothing going into the normal slot.

Tried again with a normal map texture going into a normal map node into the normal slot and got the same results. So unless there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere this never worked before in Cycles. I know Blender Internal actually combined the texture and geo normals when baking.

(Secrop) #34

That was the main reason I wrote this node, and even so, I needed to have shared uv’s between the hi-poly and lo-poly…

This upgrade is really a cherry!! <3

(m9105826) #35

Any word on being able to bake displacement?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #36

Yeah, I had understood ‘bump map’ as normal map since those are just two ways to encode the same information. Plus bump maps look pretty awful in cycles so I wouldn’t even think to use it for anything.

(Secrop) #37

Baking Vector displacement might be a bit tricky to do… At least without a proper UVmap in both hires and lores meshes… The good news is the Multires modifier can do this very easily. :slight_smile:

There’s also another node on my github just for baking scalar, object and tangent displacement. It requires two baking passes and shared UVs, but it works.

(Jasiek) #38

So the only thing I’d really need rn is to be able to have the low poly edited normals affect the bake

and this:

It sorta works in 2.79 with internal but generates ugly seams sometimes. Never worked in Cycles tho.

It’s pretty crucial for having good looking game asset ready normals where a 32 bit normal map is both too heavy and not supported by most engines, so you resort to dithering and then you have noise on normal maps. Being able to edit normals on the low poly to flatten out surfaces makes it great for containing any problems without too much edge loops insets and other trickery.

(Unreal3DFX) #39

Dont know whats wrong but baking has weird anomalies always present, with Substance Painter it is all fine.

Blender normal bake:

(helluvamesh) #40

Post a blend file with a mesh.