2.8 normal map baking broken?

(taki) #1

Totally broken, like every tri got wrong face normal or sth, but it’s just a default monkey, and hi poly is a simple sub div
I tested it in 2.79 with EXACTLY the same config, and got a good map like always
I guess that could be shortly temporary, just wonder anyone got this issue too?

(aermartin) #2

I tried it also, but didn’t get any bake at all. It was finished in a couple of ms and just painted the default normal data values 0.5 0.5 1.0

But as you said, it works perfectly in 2.79 so I use that for baking.

I am looking forward for better baking overall, so you can have different bake passes, and maybe even use it in OpenGL or Eevee. (it could use the code for Cycles but at least have the option when in Eevee mode)

I saw some neat mock ups back in the day with having the baking option not at render properties but in Image Editor which looked really nice. With multiple passes at once.

(taki) #3

Thanks for the info. Thought I would give it a try after seeing so many amazing 2.8 demos. Will keep testing :slight_smile:

(Jasiek) #4

I am having the exact same results.

(-L0Lock-) #5

Maybe it’s not a good idea to expect from an software in development to be working properly.

(Jasiek) #6

Well obviously that’s true, just making sure the issue is noticed, as there don’t seem to be any bug reports about this anywhere.

(-L0Lock-) #7

A quite laudable intention. Except this isn’t the place for that, nor the right way and time:

Asking on a non-dev community who’s the same issue will lead nowhere. It won’t alert devs unless one lands here by chance and it doesn’t contain any suitable information to work with. And even if a dev comes here: 2.8 is only on Alpha stage, for now, the bug tracker is open exclusively for crashes.

Any other issue is kind of “normal” and kind of ignored because of the current priority being “make it not crash at all costs”. Such issues are common and now is not the time to handle them (it’s the time when you actually don’t bother wiping out huge things in order to gain a few steps towards stability).

If the goal is to get this issue noticed and fixed, the best way to go is to actually wait for at least Beta stage and then create a bug report. Otherwise, it only sprinkles some noise over noises.

(BTolputt) #8

As a software engineer, I’m going to correct the record here. Alpha bug tracking is not just for crash bugs. Not for Blender, not for other major software projects.

A feature not working at all is exactly the kind of bug we fix in alpha builds. A feature that works but happens to be quirky or hard to use might be left for beta builds.

(Jasiek) #9

Yep, and it’s still broken in the 2.8 beta.

For some reason, since I started using Blender 10 years ago It always felt like the gamedev crowd is sorta overlooked when it comes to features.

Baking is an absolutely essential and major feature.

(CheesecakeCG) #10

There’s not much different about 2.8 Alpha yesterday and 2.8 Beta today, but now non-core developers and the general public can submit things other than crash reports.

(Jasiek) #11

What I meant by “still broken in beta” was that the function is so basic and crucial that Blender shouldn’t be, in my opinion, out of alpha with it it not working to some degree, while in Beta we should be focused on any instabilities with it - like crashing.

Submitted a bug report:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #12

Pfft. Baking is essential to any crowd. I keep looking on in disbelief how nobody seems to care.

(Jasiek) #13

What I also can’t wrap my head around is that since the removal of the itnernal renderer it’s apparently more or less impossible to bake out displacement maps in 2.8…
Which is a massively important feature…

And like with the rest of baking there doesn’t seem to be any roadmap that I can find on when will this be working - at least publicly available.

I was really excited to try out baking with custom face weighted normals on the low poly model and was shocked to discover baking is not working.

(BTolputt) #14

Time to hit up the bug tracker and push on the developers to fix it then. Not kidding or mocking you - they’ve moved to beta, this rather important feature is broken, they shouldn’t be moving out of beta until it’s fixed.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #15

The feature needs significant enhancements (such as bias, antialiasing, displacement, curvature, speed and memory consumption, and that godawful UI that relies on selections and can’t even batch) to be usable over Substance or even old crap like xNormal.

It’s literally faster to export and bake elsewhere than to deal with baking in Blender, even when it works as designed. I’ve even made a nice addon to deal with most of these issues, but it doesn’t work anymore since it was less work for me to switch to Substance than to maintain it.

It’s not just a quick patch job, this needs significant time and a new design task.

(Jasiek) #16

The Textools addon kinda made it better, but it was still somehow slower than just cycles or internal, lacked a progress bar and was prone to hanging with larger map size/more aa - and I’m running it on an i7-8700K, a GTX 1080 and 32 gigs of some pretty fast ram…

(BTolputt) #17

To be a replacement for other tools, like Substance - I agree. In much the same way that sculpting needs a @#$%-tonne of effort to be a replacement for ZBrush or modbox.

However, regardless of whether they only care enough to get it working in a clunky fashion at the basic level or not, if a feature is broken, it should be logged as a bug. And the feature fixed or removed.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #18

Zbrush is software that gets a ton of new features every release, and Blender is so far behind, it will probably never, ever truly catch up.

On the other hand, baking is a feature Allegorithmic added over the course of three months and tweaked slightly in subsequent releases. It’s perfectly viable to catch up to it and even surpass it if it wasn’t being treated as an unwanted stepchild.

And yeah, a bug should definitely be filed, but a patch won’t make baking in blender any less broken/inferior/infuriating/insert-your-own-adjective :slight_smile:

(Jasiek) #19

Yep, did exactly that, I wonder how long till it gets any attention or a timetable on a fix.


(Jasiek) #20

Aaaand baking of normal maps is marked as fixed by Brecht, that was uber quick - it was my understanding that other baking is also broken, like AO and such - gonna have to check it out.