2.9 Linked object have same color

Hi all :slight_smile:

In 2.79, linked objects outline appeared in light blue.
In 2.9, they have the same color as std objects.

Is there any way to change this please ?

Thanks and happy blending !

Some bumpies ? :slight_smile:

There’s no way to change this in the prefs ( as in 2.79 ) but i thought that maybe all blender colors themes ( changed when using new themes ) are stored in an editable file ?
If yes what is it ?

The hardcoded color code (standard objects/orange, linked/blue, grouped/green) was removed because of support of custom colored wireframe.
Now, Wireframe can be colored according to Object Color.

And again, the original idea was to be able to tag objects through dynamic overrides.

oh great :smiley:
I didn’t catch the idea that each object could have its own wireframe color ^^

Lemme try this ( just after i’ve solved my 1st CUDA install mess-up :joy: )

thanks a lot @zeauro !

Happy blending !

hi @zeauro

I’m sorry i cannot manage to make wireframe objects showing in a different color than black :frowning:

Could you please gimme the way how i can do it ?

Happy blending !