2.91 Keeps crashing on every file I work on

I have been using the new release for 2.91 for a few days. 2.9 sometimes crashed, but 2.91 is crashing 20-30 times a day.

One file I’m working on has 1 area light, and an HDRI. And only a couple simplistic objects in it. Every time I try to render in Evee or Cycles it was rendering. I added one more area light, and it crashes when I try to render one frame in Evee or Cycles it crashes. I tried different types of lights, same thing. It also crashed when I adjusted a slider on a texture node, and numerous other times that I wasn’t doing anything that in the past would have crashed it.

Is there a way to report these glitches to the programmers? Any ideas how to get it to be more stable? Am I the only one this is happening to?

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Yeah 2.91 has been crashy for me too. I’ve mostly just gone back to using 2.90.1

Agreed. Sometimes it crashes when opening a just created file. It is almost useless.

It has been stable for me. What kind of video card do you have ? I would think listing it here would help - like all of your hardware and your OS version. I have win 10 with a 1070 graphics and its been stable. Stuff like knife projection and one frame rendering has been stable.

Hasn’t crashed for me once … using an RTX 3090, Windows 10…

Unfortunately, it’s the most crashing release I’ve ever worked with. Sometimes it’s crashing even when changing perspective to ortho, changing mode or even pan the view.
Tbh. Since “the big release” of 2.8 it became very unstable for me. Even 2.80 was crashing when I was switching between “UV Sync Selection”. Still remember good old times of 2.79b wich was solid like a stone with most heavy scenes :frowning:

I hope that instead of pumping new features at least one release is gonna be dedicated to bug-fixes.

Intel i5; msi 1060Ti, 16gigs of DDR3