200+ Video Tutorials: Cycles, Nodes, Python, Editing, Game Engine, etc. for New Users

Hi again,

Just an update for those of you who haven’t yet seen my video tutorial series for new users. There are over 200 Blender tutorials organized in Playlists, plus more. They cover beginning to intermediate subjects for new users. With just these tutorials, you will be able to make some quite significant Blender animations. Soon, I’ll organize them even further on my upcoming SciFiAnimator.com web site, where you will be able to find textures and who knows what else. Enjoy.

I’m looking for beginner tutorials as I’ve just started using blender! Great job will check these out ASAP!! :slight_smile:

Very Nice! :yes:

I recently discovered your tutorials and I love them. I also have them marked as favorites on Vimeo. Sometime when you are bored please make one on creating and texturing a model from scratch for input into Second Life :slight_smile:

Looking nice, I have bookmarked it, and I will use it for future, thanks for sharing the link. :smiley:

It is a great help for us , as I am also new to blender , and all it’s elements :slight_smile:

Really I need that
thank you for sharing :wink:

Nice/1 But could you sort them into topics (Modelilng, Texturing, Rendering with Cycles, Animation) and maybe provide a predefined ‘path’ for novices to follow?

They are currently pre-organized into YouTube Playlists. For individuals who are new to Blender, make sure to watch the the Playlist titled “Blender 2.6 Tutorials for New Users” (30 videos in that Playlist), followed by the Playlist titled “Blender 2.6 Quick Tip Tutorials” (30 videos in that Playlist as well). Those 60 videos will really start getting you grounded in the use of Blender as well as giving you a feel for the overall features available. https://www.youtube.com/user/FirstGradeCalculus/videos?view=1

From that point, you can pick and choose amongst many other Playlists that have more specific tutorials. Plus, if you search for “Fluid” or “Smoke” within my Channel, you can find videos that pertain to those aspects of Blender as well. In February, I plan on launching my SciFiAnimator.com web site, and I’ll further organize video tutorials, and other fun material, at that time. Thanks kindly for watching!

I’ve also recently added several dozen more tutorials, organized into Playlists on my YouTube channel. There are probably over 250 tutorials by now, covering a whole range of subject. I even added a Playlist for special tutorials for advanced beginners. Thanks again.

Great work! I really like your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Thank you very much!

Yes stormswirl I would say that you have done a wonderful job, like to make that much of tutorials is not a easy thing to do. :smiley: and its more hard to than share with us. That means like upload it and all that problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks kindly for the feedback. I appreciate it.

Kudos to you! Great job! (book marked)

I subbed. Thanks for the amazing amount of knowledge shared, most importantly, for free.

I have a lot of body air, if that interests you in any way.

Yep… this guy does a great job on these tutorials, short and sweet,… but very informative. I don’t think I would consider them all “beginner” tutorials… I think anyone who’s been using blender for even a couple years can benefit from certain subjects he covers.

I’ve been going through your tutorials one by one, I’m a noob and I’m finding them very helpful. Thanks for all the work.
I’ve been liking the commenting on you youtube channel. I am having a little trouble with making my any rotations work with keyframes I just don’t get it.

Thanks kindly.

For keyframe rotation…right-click to select an object. Move to any frame with the left or right arrow keys. With the mouse in the main window, press ‘i’ the bring up the menu, then left-click Rotation to set a key frame for that frame. Now use the left and right arrow keys again to move to a new frame. Now, press ‘r’, then ‘z’, and now when you move your mouse the object will rotate on the z-axis. Rotate it around several times, then left-click to set it in place. Now, press ‘i’ again to bring up the menu, left-click Rotation to set another key frame. You should see both key frames set on the timeline. Now, press the Alt key and the ‘a’ key at the same time to start the animation (or use the triangle button). Hope that helps. Thanks for watching.

Thanks worked like a charm, I think my mistake was using the mouse to set keyframes instead of the keyboard arrows

object material and settings
When making colors can I have a basic color lay out instead of having to start from scratch every time, like setting the default screen.

Important editing tadbits
you have refrenced “ortho mode” several times, I have not caught on to what this is exactly or what hotkey you are using to access it (I’m on a laptop, but I have my default set to the top numbers on the keyboard)

Image mapping Part 1
DEL sets you orgin to the selected object (is that right)

General questions:
I can’t subdivide past 10 times

how did you get it to rotate on x 90 degrees