2010 Game Competition Discussion

Here is what we need to decide on:

We need rules. Here are a few I have thought up:

  1. No games from previous contests will be allowed.
  2. Your game can’t be a registered tradmark(Mario, StarWars, Lego, etc.)

Tell me what you think about those rules and give more ideas for rules too.

This is the discussion thread, so post your questions, and comments here.

Hi Mokazon,

Holding a competition for 2.5 sounds great - maybe a few weeks after the first official release - due sometime at the end of this month? ( so that most things would be in place on the modeling side, thx to the Durian team ).

Maybe have it over 3 months, to allow for any game tweaks by free coders ( Campbell / Brecht / Ton will be tied up with Durian priorities, so any specific GE issues may take longer to code by other GE coders, who of course have other work besides Blender.

This type of timeline seemed to work great for the last GE competition I ran.

What categories would people suggest? The previous ones were…

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Logic Bricks Only ( No Python )

Also, you can’t start a competition without prizes. I was happy enough to put in the Euro500 the last time ( for E200, E200 and E100 prizes ), but this time I could maybe only donate E50 to E100. If enough other people donate a prize, then we have a competition again!

If you’re planning on entering a game, then maybe being involved with running it might be viewed with a bit of suspicion - make sure that you let people know that you are staying out of the voting process completely, but are just involved on the organisation side - this lets you enjoy making and entering a game as well :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help organise it as well - maybe if we get one or two other parties involved also? ( Erwin? )


I would really like another competition, i wasn’t good enough to enter last time. I can’t donate anything though.

2.5 will probably be buggy, so maybe it would be best to wait on starting the competition until a few months after 2.5 has been released?

2.5 will probably be buggy, so maybe it would be best to wait on starting the competition until a few months after 2.5 has been released?
I second that.

I believe the competition should wait a few months after the first 2.5 release.

Wohoo! I’m totally up for it XD Last year’s categories were pretty good, but change is always welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Why always need money why this shod be a friendly an educational contest wen blender game artists come together and share with they knowledge and make games?? Everybody is winner!!! Prize is nice and usefully…

Il be in.

so watch out :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a good idea, but there probably won’t be a start date. Do you know what I mean? You start when you like, but you need to be finished by a certain date. The deadline will probably be a little while after 2.5. Here are some of my ideas for rules:

  1. You must make a completely new game(No entries from previous contests). The project has to have been started after dd-mm-yy(any ideas for when???)
  2. You can’t make a game of a registered trademark(mario, star wars, etc.)
  3. Any other ideas?

A few ideas for catagories:

  1. Best in show
  2. Logic Brick(no python)
  3. Graphics
  4. Gameplay
  5. Addictiveness(is this the word???)
  6. Best Animation

We wouldn’t use all these catagories, these are just some ideas. Or we could use a whole bunch of catagories, but only first, second, and third of best in show would get prizes. What do you guys think?

You mean having other people help organize? I think that is a great idea.

Maybe we could set up a themed competition? It would help make judging a little easier.

Another good idea would be an article on the best Game Blender projects in development. I think a site that picked the top 5 blender projects and did a write up with exclusive screenshots and things would work. It might be a good idea to put together a bi-yearly news letter along those lines. Maybe distribute it through email, or a website?

Other than that, if we do another GameBlender competition, it would be nice to get web space and maybe a sort of forum for posting game information and competition entrees?

Well, we could do both couldn’t we? And maybe a little bit of the donations could go to get hosting for a website(and if we had a website, then the games could have multiplayer support…)

that would be so cool

Seeing as there is a bullet competition just been launched I think we can wait a bit.

True, but perhaps the contest could start as soon as soon as possible, and end around the time when 2.5 has a stable BGE (say December or early 2010 sometime)

That way everyone has time to start planning, and working on models and animation etc, stuff that doesn’t need 2.5. You could even start making the game in 2.49 and port it over when 2.5 is stable enough.

I think it would be a good idea, and would help out the Devs by finding all the bugs, so by the end of it you would imagine the BGE would be patched up and working really well again in later 2.5 releases.

Yes, but it looks like there is only one category with the bullet contest. This contest could be a lot more flexible and allow for more freedom in entries.

Well, when does this bullet competition end? Does it matter if there is one? If someone makes a game with bullet and blender, then they can submit it to both contests, can’t they?

Let’s just combine the effort in a single contest. The goal is to create a mini game that is so much fun that it could have been part of the Super Mario Galaxy series.

In a nutshell: I’m personally donating $500 dollar for a gameplay/physics prize. Then we can add the graphics and logic bricks categories with separate prizes:

  1. gameplay/physics
  2. graphics
  3. logic bricks

How does that sound?

Ok, sounds great. Ignore my post in your thread :stuck_out_tongue: But why would it be a “mini game”? I wanted to have it be a full game contest…(I won’t be donating anything, because I am so young(12) lol)

I think it is better to focus on quality and fun, and not on quantity/size. People tend to spend all their time on creating a large world environment and beautiful characters at the cost of gameplay and logic bricks. In the time-frame from now until February 2010 (only a few months really), a mini game seems more realistic.

But if you can manage to create a ‘full game’ whatever that means, feel free to submit it!

ok, I guess that is fine. We should just stick to one thread though. Should let this one die, and stay with yours? Also, could you submit this news to blendernation.org once we have some rules and more info?

Well, I guess Febuary 2010 is okay, but if the majority of the games aren’t finished by then, then can we push it another month?