2010 Game Competition -WINNERS ANNOUNCED-


1st Place - Super Blender Galaxy

2nd Place - Sintel the Game

3rd Place - Tectonic

1st Place Graphics - Project Panthera

thanks for participating!

-Prizes -

First Place

  • $1000 In USD(given by bugalugs)*
  • Blender T-Shirt(given by marwin)*
  • Banner Picture(given by PlantPerson)*
  • Choice from Blender E-Shop(given by retro world)*
  • Trophy(given by mokazon)*
  • Shirt with logo(given by marwin)*

Second Place

  • $500 in USD(given by bugalugs)*
  • Shirt with logo(given by marwin)*
  • Blender Shirt(given by marwin)*
  • Java Mobile Phone Game(given by Christiani_if)*

Third Place

  • $250 in USD(given by bugalugs)*
  • Shirt with logo(given by marwin)*


  • Mokazon or diexon.com will not be held responsible if these prizes cannot be delivered
  • By entering this contest, you agree that Mokazon possess rights to disqualify entrants if he thinks that a rule has been breached.

Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blender-Summer-Game-Competitions/143651695661603

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post and give ideas!

im in :D/

A sign up will be soon.

Please sign up here - http://mokazon.wufoo.com/forms/summe…petition-2010/
For everybody that signs up, some sort of WIKI page will be created.
(if you sign up, you well get notified when the official sign up is ready)

EDIT - Don’t sign up there, that’s an older one…

ugh, another one? Maybe… lol, I would be in, but I’m kind of tired… Sounds like fun, too…

It’s like when your at a buffa and you eat a lot of yummy food, then it’s time for desert and it’s your favourite, but you can’t eat because your full…


I’ll think about, but make sure to do some good organzing :wink:

Good Luck,

you should put the rules in the sign up form, and what are the catagories? Or is it just gameplay?

Edit2: Oh, it’s the same as last time XD

Linkxgl: Yeah, I’ll try to do as good organization as possible, and I’ll stay active on this thread.
And I’m open for suggestions on what catagories that you would like…

I was thinking of entering, but should the games be non-glsl so that anyone can play them or can we use glsl?

Mattline1: Its up to you, if you make non-GLSL, then more people can play it, but if you have GLSL its generally better…(with a few exceptions such as Krum) So, its entirely up to you. But most people I believe have GLSL support by now.

OK:yes: thanks for that, now I need an idea!

No prob Mattline1 :wink:

BTW, ideas for prizes would be great…

I never tried these competitions yet.

Maybe it’s time to give a try with the FDM4BGE or with the HOKUM copter. Time will show.

I look forward to seeing your game, Xjazz :wink:

BTW, guys is it ok if my company enters too? I won’t get biased about my game because it will be entirely community voting. Or, should I get somebody else to organize it?

Thanks Mokazon.
There won’t be a too much a ‘game’ in my entry, because I just simply love the sense of the flying. There’s my target in public :).

Your question about your company entry is academic.
Nobody really knows, what kind of resources each entry has behind.

Well, I guess its probably ok if I enter…as long as I don’t get biased about it(I won’t ;))

Zjazz: that’s ok, good physics can make a great game also…(think about flight simulator, theres not much gameplay in that…)

Another question! are we limited to 1 category or can you put your game in for multiple categories? e.g. gameplay and graphics. also the deadline you set(September 1st) is fine, I think any longer and it wouldn’t really be a summer competition.

Yes, You can have as many categories as you like. Ok im glad you like the deadline(The idea is that the contest takes place when there’s no school. And september is pretty much when school starts.

yeah good idea, i’ll have exams soon so may not get that much done in the next 2 months, but when they’re over i’ll have 12 free weeks to work on it :smiley:

i’m in. mass destruction may be done by then, but it’s going to be commercial, so i doubt i’d be able to enter it.

i’ll throw together a fun little shooter with all the concepts and graphical detail that md is going to have.:smiley:

(note: ‘throw together’ does not mean i spend no time on it, just not as much as other projects i’m doing)

mrhippieguy: if your making a commercial game, than you could just submit a demo of your game then…you would get way more buys if you won for your real selling version…

We should lay out some kind of rules about the types and scales of games that can enter. Also, maybe we should have a theme? Or maybe the theme could just be “Pushing Blender to its limits!” :smiley:

EDIT: I was going to sign up, but then I realized that it wanted me to agree to the rules…WHERE ARE THE RULES??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think it is too early for a sign up. Lets get some details in this first.