2010 Game Competition -WINNERS ANNOUNCED-

So the dead line is going to be end of August/beginning of September right?

Sunjay03: yep, around September 1st

I’ve got an awesome game planned

You mean the game you already worked on for about 4 months ?

I don’t think it would be fair if you were using this game
as a contest entry since it give you 2X more time.

But no matter what you’ll do, I’m still gonna do my best to beat it !

Thats what I was trying to say!

no no I’m starting a new game…no worries :wink:


sorry Sunjay, I missed your post.

my bad.

I’m also starting a new game guys :smiley: I need a break from faith, and I’ll get back to it soon enough…

But yeah, the idea for mine is kind of complicated to do, but it’d be really fun if I get it to work!
Also, I think, I heard it from one of the members before, but the 3 winners should make a really cool game together, that’d be really sick! :smiley:

Well, theres a swell Idea!!
First and second from each catagory perhaps comes together as team? That would be sweeet!

I like the deadline. Six months gives some room to run.

And you know what?

I’m in.

I wish rock music played whenever I said that ;n;

It would be, because we’d have graphic guys, super logic bricks guys and good gameplay guys with python skills…

That’d be cool…

But it wasn’t my idea, I just repeated it from someone in the thread… I forgot who though… lol, sorry whoever it was :frowning:

So are we going to say all new games only?? I don’t think that would be a bad idea considering that we have a good 6 months to do this.

Hmm, sounds fun, count me in. Should finish a demo of my game by September… :wink:

is it only for the US or is it a global competition where everyone could enter no matter where they live?:confused:

I will be in, doing it mostly for exp thought, so I won’t be a threat for the title ^^ (other way of saying it’s probly going to be a crapy first game :stuck_out_tongue: ). Looking forward to it \o/

This sounds like an awesome idea and six months sounds adequate, so count me in.

Theres some really high quality stuff people have made here on BA so I’m looking forward to what you guys entering will come up with for this.

Its a global competition. It wouldn’t be fair to only have it in the US…because then I couldn’t join. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im glad of the interest everybody seems to have! :smiley:

blenderstudent: its global…no worries :wink:

Sunjay: I don’t really like the idea of only new games, so i’m afraid not, sorry



that was me who had that idea back in erwin’s thread…
actually i had that idea back before i even entered the competition :o
erwin might have also planned that from the start… if we look at the situation more deeply, we’ll see something more than competition, the prize, and even the said game conference… there’s always another something after that…

2.5 has improved a lot if i were one of the developers, finding people to test it would be a part of my to do list… :yes:

anyways it could be like this or maybe im just dreaming…:o

hey i also said there that im going to contribute a shirt for the prize… a blender shirt that me and a friend of mine will print with love (dont worry its going to be a new one, also thinking of the gimp logo)… just wanted to confirm that

@ mokazon would it be ok if you include that in your prize list??? :smiley:
will be giving it after we see some winners…

so here’s my contribution… hope others contribute too :yes:

marwin: Thanks for the contribution!!! So…blender t-shirt to the prizes list? :smiley:

I WANT A BLENDER T-SHIRT… I want it more then the 500 prize… lol