2022 Blender conference presentations

Blender Conference Presentation Recordings


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Keynote - Ton Roosendaal

Working in the VFX film and TV industry - Robert Rioux

From Pre to Post - Rejin Chamandy

We can do that with Geometry Nodes… - Simon Thommes

A bird’s-eye view on the asset browser system - Julian Eisel, dr. Sybren A. Stüvel

Design by Food - Unique objects inspired by the gastronomical tradition - Arcangelo Gabriele D’Alessandro, Fabrizio Lorito

The Quest for Round Cap Curves - Alexander Mitzkus

The custom tech behind DillonGoo Studios - Chris Clyne

The journey from Phabricator to Gitea - Arnd Marijnissen

Lighting in animated film productions - Andy Goralczyk

CG fuel for motorsports - Valerio Fissolo

Cloud animation pipeline with Amazon Nimble Studio - Oleksii Androsov, Cris Fudge

Forensic Architecture - spatial analysis for human rights cases - Nicholas Masterton

Geometry Nodes development process - Dalai Felinto, Jacques Lucke, Hans Goudey

10 years of Grease Pencil, what’s next? - Daniel Martinez Lara

The pipeline manager strikes back - Ads, VFX and mobile games intros - Serj Maiorov

Beginning developer workshop - Jason van Gumster, Jason Schleifer, Brad Clark, Dr. Jon Denning

Producing a music video across countries, on a laptop - Brent Patterson

VFX for the Italian film industry - Andrea Battistoni, Nicolas D’Amore, Monica Galantucci

Grease Pencil journey with Dédouze - Andry “Dédouze” Rasoahaingo

Distributed rendering with Flamenco v3 - Sybren A. Stüvel

Food Wizards - MAD Entertainment’s first animated series - Ivan Cappiello

Visualising viruses - Brady Johnston

The Puzzle of ‘Good’ Retopology - Julien Kaspar

From illustration to animation - Nacho Arjona

Edit Breakdown: a visual summary of your film - Inês Almeida

CREATORS - BCON LIVE PODCAST #BCON22 - Pablo Vazquez, Nicky, Kaizen, Dedouze



A director’s creative hub - Patrick T. Osborne

The Siren: Making of an international feature film - Flavio Perez

Develop your 3D style - Nicole Morena

GPU-accelerated distributed rendering of massive scenes in Cycles - Milan Jaros

Anime and NPR at DillonGoo Studios - Dillon Gu

A study on automating eye mask creation - Dr. Jon Denning

Swiffle: getting Grease Pencil into 2D animation pipelines - Jason Van Gumster

Creating animations with point clouds - Midge ‘Mantissa’ Sinnaeve

Integrating AI tools - Vilem Duha

Beginners Guide to Photorealism - Andrew Price

Sprite Fright: production notes - Francesco Siddi

Learning by playing in 3D - Maor Firdman, Eli Rabinovich

Video mapping for live open-air operas - Clemens Rudolph

Using geometry nodes for vehicle concept art - Daniel Bystedt

Crowds for Battle - Monique Dewanchand

Follow the light: Introducing path guiding in Cycles - Sebastian Herholz

Studio RGL presents “The Decision Machines” - Dave Ferner

Animating Everything - Rik Schutte

Grease Pencil tools for animation productions - Amelie Fondevilla

From CG artist to storyteller - Chris McFall

Blending with Ada - Ada Sokól

Submarine - Building pipelines for the unexpected - Milo Cremer Eindhoven, Thierry Paalman

Creating interior design images - Joni Mercado

Poly Haven: Free content as a business model - Greg Zaal

Developing Grease Pencil at the SPA Studios - Falk David, Yann Lanthony

Light and Color studios: 3 projects, 3 lessons - Luca Di Cecca, Nicolas D’Amore, Caterina De Mata

How to improve your cameras - Dillon Gu

The architectural design and visualization industry standard - Ahmed Alajeeli

The Future of Character Animation & Rigging: a Q&A feeback session - Dr. Sybren A. Stüvel, Brad Clark, Jason Schleifer

Storyboarding Eat Sheep with Grease Pencil - Paul Caggegi

Old but gold - The making of “Yaya e Lennie” - Corrado Piscitelli

Tips and tricks for new add-on creators - Zach Eastin

Virtual fashion pipeline - Phil Gosch

Hacking interference phenomena into your renders - Robert Moerland

Lightning Talks - Various


Procedural fantasy city creation using Geometry Nodes - Emilis Baltrusaitis

Managing heavy shots at Cube Creative studio - Axel Tillement, Tanguy Weyland

Going with the Flow: Design to Delight - Derek Elliott

The new Principled BSDF model in Cycles - Lukas Stockner

The ultimate guide for previz, shorts & Hollywood feature films - Chris Bailey

The Fight of Animation - Hjalti Hjalmarsson

Making a real-time short using Blender and Unreal - Athanasios Velissaris, Michail Velissaris

Progress on a new Bevel Geometry Node - Howard Trickey, Henrik Dick

Input and output data for engineering construction projects - Eduardo Portillo

One Hour of Greeble - Lino Thomas

Z-Anatomy: The open source 3D atlas of human anatomy - Gauthier Kervyn

The Blender Studio pipeline - Paul Golter

oneAPI backend: Cycles on Intel GPUs - Xavier Hallade

Spaceships, Concept Design pipeline for Sci-fi - Alberto Petronio

Rigging with the Blender Studio tools - Demeter Dzadik

Gitea onboarding for developers - Arnd Marijnissen

Artistic perception of reality - Conrad Justin

Autour de Minuit: 15 years of animation projects, tools and ideas - Fiona Cohen, Samuel Bernou, Christophe Seux, Mario Hawat

Universal Scene Description (USD) - Bastien Montagne, Francesco Siddi

EEVEE & Viewport / GPU Development Onboarding - Jeroen Bakker

Train the train by generating data from a virtual environment - Petr Strakos

Barely 3D - The animation of Noara - Pierrick Picaut

Creating an Epic Halloween Scene from Scratch with Sketchfab Assets - Conrad Justin

Faster product creation at a fashion enterprise with serverless - JR Beaudoin

Automating AR-ready 3D asset production with geometry nodes - Cem Özcan

Advanced physics for atmosphere and celestial bodies - Martins Upitis

Making the NLA tools work for you - Brad Clark

Generating synthetic data for deep learning - Stefan Reitmann

Internet-scale product visualization and customization - Jamie Robert Brown

Game assets production pipeline for Arma Reforger - Miro Horvath

Ship dynamics without fluid simulations - Ignacio Matey

Planning exhibitions and artworks - Carlo Zappella

Blender Conference 2022 - Closing event - Ton Roosendaal

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Isn’t it starting tomorrow? :smiley:


You’re right, it starts on thursday. I forgot what thursday meant for a moment. Thanks !



Will the streams be broadcast live on the regular Blender YouTube channel?

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I assume, but generally there’s a livestream address reserved in advance and I don’t see one on the main Blender channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/BlenderFoundation/videos
I suppose it’ll go live a few hours or minutes before.

Now repeat after me : thursday is not mercredi, thrusday is not mercredi…


Do you know if only the keynote will be streamed, or will also the rest of panels be available online?

All the talks are recorded but only some of them are streamed live (because they happen at the same time but in different locations). Then in the next hours/days they usually upload everything to youtube :slight_smile:

I’m also excited and waiting for the livestream feed!


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: me too, half an hour left!


Still no livestream??

Oh no … :no_mouth:

Apparently no livestreams on youtube this year: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Thanks. We’ll just have to wait.

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But but but


Even the livefeed you can find in the program (for Tons keynote) isnt working!

I do believe they mean a lifefeed on site, such that Ton’s keynote is being streamed inside the building from one room to another (Theatre => Market | Studio). This is due to limited amount of people fitting into the ‘Theatre’ room.

greetings, Kologe

Isnt that what we are all talking about?

I thought Hadriscus et al are talking themselves sitting at home or somewhere, hoping for a way to stream (parts of) the event in Amsterdam via the internet?

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Oh…i misread your comment. Yes it is beijng streamed in the building, but there has used to be (at least for the few latest conferences) a livestream you can watch from home.

Sounds promising but i stil cant find a link!

Yay! Thankss!!


Yes, the livestream is going on their youtube channel now!