30+ Sites With Public Domain Content (CC0)

Providing beginners and long time Blender users with a list of OVER 30 must-see websites that offers free to use models, HDR’s, textures, materials, these are my top picks for Public Domain content.

What is Public Domain?
According to Oxford Dictionary; Public Domain - or CC0 - is “the state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole, and therefore not subject to copyright.”
You can use these models, HDR’s, and textures for your projects any way you want without restrictions - including selling your renders or models without having to give credit to the original creator, however credit is much appreciated.
If you want a broader understanding of Public Domain, click here.

Before I begin, I would like to take a minute and say you will not find sites like BlendSwap (exception being Materials,) Pond5 or TurboSquid here. They require to create an account - which even though is free, creating accounts to download a couple models is just a hassle in my opinion and because of that, I disqualified them from this list. (Gumroad is also an exception considering it hosts a large amount of Public Domain content.)
If you find one of these sites helpful, please consider either donating to them or helping them out by spreading these websites amongst your friends. It took me a little under a week to create this list, show if you enjoy or found a site that helped you, please let me know below! I am also not endorsed in any way by any of the people on this list other than benefiting off their public domain material.

With that said, I also want to take a second and thank everyone who has released under the public domain, even if they’re not on this list. You guys are awesome! Some of my renders would’ve never seen the light of day if it wasn’t for some of these awesome people so thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of these sites you might have heard of, some you may not but I have linked every website and recommendation for easy access so you can get back to your scene in no time!

Let’s start out with Textures because who doesn’t like a good texture?

  • Texture Haven - I think we should start with the obvious, Texture Haven: Not only is it easy to use, but it has 150+ high quality textures. If that isn’t enough for you, the founder Greg Zaal has also created HDRI Haven (also on the list) and working on a new site called 3DModelHaven which I cannot wait for.

  • Public Domain Textures – Created by Fredrick Hoffmann, a freelancer in Germany, Public Domain Textures offers completely free textures without limitations. Offering everything from bricks to marble to nature, this site really has some very nice textures.

  • Free PBR – With over 160+ textures, FreePBR is exactly that - free PBR textures. While only going up to 2k resolution, these textures really do look amazing and game-ready so it definitely deserves to be one the list AND they have a couple rock models too which I hope they add on to in the future.

  • CC0 Textures – As it reads on their website, “Free Textures Never Looked This Good;” and man, do I agree with that. With an ever-growing library of hundreds of textures up to 8k, CC0 Textures is a must for your texture library.

  • Share Textures – I was close to leaving this one off the list since they don’t specify on the website itself that it’s CC0 until I looked at their Instagram which does in fact state they fall under Public Domain, so here it is! Share Textures offers it’s users a nice categorized list of textures ranging from Abstract to Wood, this site has textures I never thought about like Reptilian and Human skin, and an Amethyst texture which I though was pretty cool.

  • Texture Ninja – While not offering PBR textures, this site definitely deserves a mention. With over 5,000+ textures from Concrete to Bricks, Surface Imperfections to Graffiti, this site offers a plethora of Public Domain textures for your games and 3D renditions.

  • Chocofur – Ah, Chocofur. Although not PBR just like Texture Ninja, these textures do have a wonderful look and I have used them on several occasions, including their CC0 models. (More about that in the model section)

  • CG Bookcase - Created by Dorian Zgraggen, with over 400+ PBR textures, CGBookcase probably has that one texture you’re looking for.

  • 3D Textures – All the PBR textures here are CC0 but you have to download them one by one unless you buy him a coffee which I think is pretty reasonable because who doesn’t like coffee or free textures?

  • Texturebox - With over 450+ PBR textures, Texturebox definitely has something for your next render. (While it doesn’t say CC0 on the website, I did talk with it’s founder and they ARE CC0 - as long as you don’t host the textures on your own site, and don’t claim to be the original owner - because that’s mean)


Up next we have models! Ranging from .FBX, .OBJ, and .blend files these sites provide 100% free,public domain models for your next render.

  • Chocofur - Even though it was listed above, Chocofur offers a nice collection of Free Use models ranging from furniture to household items like a USB, Tablet, and other small items. I also love the fact they use their own CC0 textures to create texture their models, proving their textures are just as good as any other.

  • Louvre Museum 3D Scans – Oh man, oh man. When I first saw these models, I was quite ecstatic. Benjamin Bardou released 25 beautiful 3D scanned models of actual sculptures from the Louvre Museum in Paris which he used his short film, Gloria Victis which I highly recommend watching.

  • Cleveland Museum 3D Scans – While we are still on the topic of Museum Photoscans, how about the beautiful sculptures in the 3D scanned archives provided by the Cleveland Museum itself? All the models on this page are CC0.

  • Smithsonian Museum 3D Scans - With over 2,000 models added to the collection, the Smithsonian is an awesome archive.

  • Everyday Assets – Created by TFMStyle aka The French Monkey for his everyday renders, this pack includes over 250 amazing models including – but definitely not limited to - poses, greeble objects, cloths, and complex models suited for your next Sci-Fi or Abstract render.

  • Blender Boom – Created by small Interactive Agency in Poland, Blender Boom provides a pretty good amount of stunning free models - especially the food and furniture - Blender Boom definitely has a spot on this list and in my model folder.

  • CC0 3D – Even though only offering 2 models at the time of making this, CC03D does deserve a spot here because they are CC0 and even though its a small selection right now, I think we all can appreciate that.

  • Arch Wiz – Providing us with furniture for our architecture scene is ArchWiz, also gives us some nice lamps and a very nice animal rug. As someone who’s used the models before, I think these models are very well made and all under Public Domain.

  • 3D Model Haven – 3DModelHaven is another one of Greg Zaal’s projects to provide us with absolutely free CC0 models, OPENING 3/31/2020

  • Sketchfab Public Domain Cultural Heritage - Sketchfab announced that cultural organizations can now dedicate their material to the Public Domain license. Thank you @bartv for the find!

  • Bahaa Saleh’s Free Cars – What’s better than a free good looking car? How about more than one good looking free car? @user5555155 blew me away with how good his cars look and the fact he made them free to use is just icing on the cake. Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Bahaa Saleh’s Free Furniture - Are good looking cars not enough for you? If you’re an architecture lover, then Bahaa has got you covered! This guy is great and definitely deserves a spot in my list :slight_smile: Thank you again, @user5555155 for creating some amazing models!

  • Quatermius Game Assets - Some amazing low poly models for game development including some rigged models!

  • Midge “Mantissa” Sinnaeve Free CG Resources - Provides us with multiple awesome CC0 models, I definitely need to download these all!

  • M TEXTURES - Found by @Ryan_Cooper in the comments (thank you, Ryan) M Textures offers some beautiful photogrammetry textures

  • Kay Quobad - I found this guy the other day on Facebook and after a small chat with him, he told me his models are CC0! His models are absolutely gorgeous and worth a rate or even a donation :slight_smile: (I’m sorry if this link was dead before Dec 8 2020. URL changed sometime after originally posting link)

  • CC03DS - Having a couple awesome vehicles like Koenigsegg One and Koenigsegg Regera - just to name a few - all Public Domain

  • 3DModelsCC0 - A very nice low poly collection of models (Thank you to @nisu in the comments)

Want a nice sky for your image?

  • HDRI Haven - Another project created by Greg Zaal with over 350+ high resolution HDR’s, HDRIHaven is your one stop for some beautiful skies!

  • HDR Vault – Created by Benjamin Modin back in 2016 and released under Public Domain, HDRVault is definitely worth checking out.

  • Giant Cow Films – Releasing their HDR’s under public domain, GCF is another site worth checking out. Whether it be a clouded sky on a lava field or a sunset on Prairie Hill, these HDR’s are awesome for lighting your models.

Do you like procedural textures? Want to build a better material library or just see how procedural textures work? these materials can be used in both Cycles and EEVEE.

  • Blender Mada - Uploaded by both the site administrator and it’s users, BlenderMada offers us with some pretty good materials. You can add your own materials to the list to help add to the collection, however you have to create an account.

  • Open Material Repository - With over 200 materials, The Open Material Repository offers us with categories ranging from car paint to fibers to sky materials. You can add your own materials to the list to help add to the collection, however you have to create an account and even though some of the materials are outdated, it is public domain and you can learn from the materials.

  • Blendswap - Initially I was going to keep this out because of having to sign up and has download restrictions, they do have a lot of materials under the CC0 license. Some of them are dated, however I’m sure some people could update them and/or use them for a plethora of projects.

  • Volume Based Environment Shader - As someone who loves Space, this free shader I an awesome addition to the library! With a video tutorial on the page too, you can learn this amazing shader right after downloading it.

  • Chocofur Base Shaders - Heyyy you know those models and textures that look great together brought to you by Chocofur? Well did you know they also have shaders? All under the CC0 license.

Recently added:

SIDE NOTE: The link to Kay Quobad was dead sometime before Dec 8th 2020 but has been UPDATED!

There are my top websites that provide us with awesome content under the public domain license. If there is a site you feel should be up here, tell me in the comments! If it meets the expectations laid in the first part of this thread then I will add it to the list.
I hope someone can take away from this list with a new piece of material or even some ideas. Let the power of public domain excel and let the power of us artists prosper!


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Thanks a lot, very helpful links and descriptions :+1:

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Thank you for enjoying! I will hopefully be adding more to the list when I get a couple more sites so stay tuned! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the list, maybe you would like to merge some sites from the following thread:

Hello and thank you for your suggestions! I have looked through a good amount of those websites, but I cannot seem to find any information about them being Public Domain or the link was just downright broken with my only exception being Absolute Cross but they state in their Terms of Use: “You may not, under any circumstances, link to any graphic/file that is hosted on this server.” which I would be unless I am misinterpreting what it meant.
Some of them are nice places to get “free” textures and models, but my list is specifically Public Domain. I hope you do find a website on there that suits your needs, but they do not qualify as public domain :slightly_frowning_face: I do appreciate it though. It is a long list.

Thanks for this. I’m new in Blender, and i found this very helpful. :+1:

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I’m happy to help :slight_smile: Welcome to the community and welcome to Blender!

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And thank you for creating a lot of awesome models!

Just FYI, all the HDRIs there are ripped from HDRI Haven without any credit or mention of the original license. Nothing illegal about that, and they don’t even claim to be the original author, just wanted to mention the duplicated content.

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In that case, I will go ahead and remove them from the list due to duplication and I feel all deserved traffic should go to the deserved websites. Thank you for bringing it to my attention

Sketchfab just announced CC0 support for cultural organisations:


Hey, everyone!
I just wanted to let you know 3DModelHaven is now LIVE!


Hi everyone We opened Free PBR Textures website. 2 months old and already have a 450+ Free PBR Textures

check it out


Hi, Thanks for the great list. I hadn’t heard of Texture ninja before, looks like a great alternative to textures.com.

I thought I could add some of the resources not already mentioned to this list.

Textures.one (A library containing all of the textures from CC0 Textures, 3D textures, Sharetextures, CGBookcase and Texture haven)


Hi! Sorry a took a while to respond.
I have heard of Textures One but I didn’t include it on the list due to it being a Meta website. I wanted all individual websites to be listed here instead of just linking to nothing but a meta site. I love the thought of sites like that, but as far as crediting the original authors goes, I wanted to make sure their site got the traffic and stayed away from Meta :slight_smile: Thank you for mentioning it though! I know there are some people who hate scowering multiple websites for certain materials so to have the alternative is very nice. :slight_smile:

Nice collection, thanks

Actually, when you open a material in Texture One you are redirected to the original site.

Fair enough, but imho Texture One greatly increase the usability and accessibility of the others websites.
I think mentioning it would be really beneficial to the casual visitor in this thread

Oh by the way, I just realized that the link @Ryan_Cooper mentioned is not to Texture one but to M-Texture which look amazing. I guess you missed it (as I did at first) can you add it to the list?

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