3d icon that looks like vector art! (see first post)

check this out: http://www.iphonulo.us/

I made the top right image on the header, looks like a vector huh? It’s all blender baby =)

The shading was the hardest part, but other than that it’s just material tweaking =)

Tell me what you think, if you want I can share my material settings with you!

check the url above to see the final composition =)

EDIT: Ok, I attached the screenshots and the settings for the facebook block =)


Not really… just looks 3d, but nothing wrong with that.

So far, everyone I’ve shown it to thinks it’s vector, (about 7 people tricked now =)

Maybe you haven’t seen “real” vector art? Some of my vectors you’ll swear look like they were made in blender, hehe (iStock however prohibits me to post them here, I’ll link you to my iStock portfolio whenever their logo service opens =)

Also here’s the settings for the spot light (the one directly above the cubes)

There’s a hemi light that’s doing the lighting


Is there a better forum where I should post this? BA needs a modeling/lighting resource area. Where should a thread like this go?

Lol, I have a sneaking suspicion that blender is vector not raster. That could be why everyone you show it to thinks its vector, because it is!

I’m not talking just like vector, hehe, have you seen vector art? That’s what I’m talking about =)


this is vector art


Maybe I should of said vector art, hehe

Everyone I’ve showed it to thinks I made it in illustrator, that better?

Maybe if you showed some actual renders here, since I don’t care enough to download the blend file, we’d see if you’re right.

Also, you’re advertising three things at once, maybe you’re just using that as an excuse and you’re swimming in golden studded swimming pools right now.

The rendered image is in the URL I sent, it looks like crap just rendered, which is why I showed you it in a site, because it looks pimp with the blue background…

As I said in the my first post

check the url above to see the final composition =)

And I’m not advertising… lol… the iStock image is not mine…

Mods could you move this thread? I don’t feel it belongs here… maybe the texturing or lighting forum? I believe that BA needs a forum for resources (I’d post the blend)

anywhoo, please move this… thanks!

I’d say it goes in blender tests.

Here’s a new test. This looks more like vector art now =)


Those shadows look bad for vector art and 3d art alike.

That’s all blender, that’s the way most vector art shadows look, I’ll try to refine them a bit though. Thanks for the feedback!

Here’s a new shadow version (maybe move to the wip section?)


Are you using a box-blurred shadowbuffer? Use a gaussian filter, it looks better.

I posted an update in my above post.

I’d have known pretty well is 3D… sorry… :wink: Still, I like the logo. :slight_smile:

You mean to say that my last one looks 3d in any freaking way? If that’s the way someones 3d render looks, that’s pretty sad… you know how insanely fake that is? I have alpha planes galore to make it look glossy, it’s a lot easier to make an exact duplicate of that last one in illustrator (I could do it in 20 minutes)

The point of this thread is to make 3d objects look like vector art, you know how “3d” some vectors look?

Hey wow… it looks just like vector art!!!

Maybe you should do a tutorial on the workflow as opposed to raw settings?

Are you being serious or sarcastic?

If not I’ll still do a tutorial on lighting (because I think this is the perfect lighting setup for logos or simple objects)