3D Knitting

Cycles render with minor post-processing in Photoshop.

There is more below :slight_smile:


Now that looks fantastic. I’d like to transform in to Yoshi and jump around :slight_smile:

Very nice! Only one thing - the realistic lighting and sky doesn’t match this picture in my opinion. There should be just some kind of big room in the background and yellow light from the bulb.

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Super crazy! Really impressive work. How you did it?

Super crazy curves :stuck_out_tongue: with bevel object for the knit pattern, cloth and surface deform modifier for object forms with shape keys. Knit pattern was modeled flat and I used the shape keys of objects to deform it. Finally, after converting curves to meshes, I added the hair particles.

Super impressive, this must be millions of tris!

Yes, it is but I keep everything in curves, disconnect hair from meshes and delete all vertices so the file stays small.

So cool. I like the colors. I could also imagine a mario kart map with this one.

Its looking real, not rendered image.

Great idea!!

Thanks Patricia3D, that was my goal :slight_smile:

An out-of-focus variation, playing with yarns, again rendered in Cycles.

Clay render in focus

And finally, love rendered with Maxwell using bmaxwell addon

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Woah this is super awesome! Must have involved a lot of particle systems xD

What’s your secret? How do you create such beautiful patterns?

Spectacular work, definitely one of the most original landscapes I’ve seen done in Cycles.

Everything from the fabric material to the weaving is well done, a technical feat to say the least.


Any clue, tutorial or something you want to share to know your secrets? :slight_smile:

nice work, how did you make the yarn ball?

Wow! Spectacular materials!!!

Amazing, this is a beautiful thread (pun intended)

Wow! Amazing!