3D model from 2D pattern?

So I have a 2D flat pattern that I want to fold/wrap up into a 3D model.
Does blender have any means of doing this?

I know Blender can do a 3D model to a 2D pattern - paper fold sort of thing. But I need to do the reverse of that.

Any suggestions. or if blender can’ t is there anything else out there that could?

hello, maybe some pictures will help to understand what you want to do

Probably not a very practical approach, but if you rotate each part of the pattern appropriately, extrude, and then do a boolean intersection of all the parts it might give you what you want.

@crazychristina yeah…I’m trying to find the quickest way and my quess is there really isn’t any. I have seen a few things out there on utilizing clothing patterns to generate clothing in 3D but I don’t think it would work here. what I am trying to do would be hard surface.

I think the hard part is after getting the 2D pattern in blender is how to “fold” it without changing the dimensions.

My guess is there is no easy way to do this.

How thick are we talking about? If you exported an SVG (from AI, InkScape, Affinity Designer) and brought that in, you could extrude the SVG(s), after converting to mesh from curves (SVGs come in as curves). If the extruded parts were relatively thin, you could fold it, provided you sliced up your polys to give yourself edges to fold along. Some snaps of what you are trying to make would really go a long to making this bad-boy happen bro, as stated above.

@norka Thanks
this is what I am trying to replicate but with my own head.

I have a tape/plastic wrap form of my head and have made the 2D patterns.
What I want to do is bring that pattern into blender as a scanned image, trace it and then fold it into a head form for 3D printing.

I’ve been trying to scann it with photogramatry - meshroom - but can never get a good full mesh. so I’m looking at other ways to do it.

what you described above does give me an idea for a rough model that I could than retopo into somethign usefull. I mihgt give that a try.

Hmmm, when you said pattern, I assumed something vector. You’re on the right track.

You could ev. try this:

I use it for reverse engineering papermodels back to 3D.

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OK, so I’ve taken a turn on this project.
I want to make something like this but based on mine and my family’s heads.

Yes, I could just buy the pattern, but there is no learning of the process that way.

First, I got talking with a friend and found out he had a hand held scanner - who knew?
So I scanned my wife’s head to start.
I have ia simplified retopoed mesh in blender following similar cut lines like the image above

But now I need to make a pattern from the blender model that I can cut out and form from EVA foam.

Any suggestions on how to get scaled pattern from blender?
I tried the paper model plugin but that works better for flat/faceted paper folds.

I am unfamiliar with how you cut out and form EVA foam but for 3d printing or 2.5d cnc patterns I normally just use an STL export of the blender model. I occasionally use height maps if appropriate.

Hopefully there is someone familiar with EVA foam carving needs.

The paper model add-in works better with a triangulated mesh…and it will also depend on where your seams are placed…it does not work well for curved surfaces.
You might try this as it is more for fabric that can deal with the stretch…I am assuming the EVA foam you are using is a flat sheet and you use a heat gun to form it?

@RSEhlers A quick look at that post, it’s exactly what I’m looking for!
I’ll check it out over the weekend.

Make sure to watch the Video…

In your case I use a third-party software called “Pepakura Designer”. It makes 2D patterns of the 3D model with full user control.