3D printed Dimorphodon model

Finally got the 3D printed Dimorphodon model on Shapeways. This is the final result of the project shown in this W.I.P. thread -

Available in 4 scales- 1:4, 1:5, 1:6 and 1:10.

Shapeways link - Dimorphodon model by DinoReplicas

This is the 1/5th scale version, finished with Vallejo model color. Size of this one is 215mm (wingtip to wingtip).

Optional stand available here

I’ll have a few more photos to add later when I’m less busy.

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Got a few more photos-

Just in case anyone was wondering what I did with the underside :grin:

Looking pretty much straight down

Close-up on the tail. My brush strokes are quite visible when zoomed in.