3ds Max Indie $250,- / coming August 7, 2020

It is so far. Don’t know what to think about it, but it is a news indeed.

:grin: He, he, too late. Now I prefer to pay to Blender Foundation. Its cost me the transition 3ds Max to Blender, some years ago, but no doubts that now Blender is my preferred 3d Software for modeling and animating.


How is it handled these days with Max with licenses for render slaves?

Back in the days you did not have to have a license for Max if you were only rendering on the machine. Is this different today?

You probably already knew about this, @Musashidan? An intriguing move by Autodesk, but I’m afraid it’s a little too late. The Blender revolution has been going full speed ahead for years now.


Yes, that’s Backburner network/batch rendering. However, you have to pay extra for every additional Arnold node.

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Yes, the non-worldwide rollout was a trial. This current move has been on the cards for a while. Who knows though with Adesk? They could just as quickly terminate this offer or change the terms. Although Blender is a factor, Houdini is the real rival for Adesk. That’s why Max/Maya devs are working like crazy on Bifrost. :laughing:

I would say Max development is the strongest it’s been in 10 years, but a lot of damage has been done since 2012 and Blender 2.80 was there to pick up the pieces in a lot of cases…


They’re doing the same with Maya.

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Looks like it is ADs pincer attack movement against the “flies” on the market. I think, on their place, I would do the same.
Releasing at the same time the 3D-ArchViz/Production behemoth and the Character/Movie-Animation leviathan, is the only, last thing to do in this situation. Blender can shine and deal in many aspects with one or the another, but both of them, Max&Maya combined, they are simply too powerful.

It is late. I am not sure about “too late”, but it is late.
If this action now turn the tide and balance of 3D-market back again in their favor, than AD has managed an unbelievable, surprising return no one has counted on. They may then remain in the next years a formidable market leader and rival to recon with.

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Suddenly I caught myself thinking a nostalgia-induced thought of returning to Max after 8 years. :grin:


250$ + 2k$ for add-ons… same bugs than 8 years ago, no usefull support.
Not any time soon.


Thanks, I’ve snapped out of my short daydream. :wink:

Sorry, i didn’t mean to shatter your dreams.


Hey, when I count over last two years all those scatters, HOPs, Mechtools, PhysAthoms, GrasWalds and Groves, Ropes and other toys, I am probably around 2k for Blender Plugins :slight_smile: And i don’t even have Vray for Blender. With it it would be probably over 3k
(i am a developer and i support developers, am not complaining!)

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Agree, but there is no need to pay for updates every years, a huge difference. - reminds me the update policy for speedtree back in the years -> buy new version was the only way.

Too late, not only for Autodestruct :wink: Maxon, Foundry also see more and more users which jump to Blender.
Anyway big studios will not so easy drop Autodesk… especially Maya. But others, small studios and individuals will use Blender more and more. And this is all about this.

It would be nice for Blender to have some more ways to have it integrated into a studio.
Some more ways to run it from scripts or user init files, like Maya or Houdini. This would make it easier to have custom locations for addons, user profiles and even blender installs. For now it’s still a bit limited.

Also, we need a proper project manager inside Blender, and some way of asset management to tie it all together.
All the above might not matter for the single user, but with a small team, things like these are very nice to have.

And tbh, being able to use Maya for 500 bucks a year sounds good to me. It will relieve some of the headache with clients, for a less steep price than a regular sub… :wink:



What exactly are you missing? You can run Blender from scripts, you can have custom locatons for addons and you can install Blender wherever you want to. But you don`t even have to install it to run it.
For user profiles you can use application templates.

Maya is still king of hill for top tier work. Too many times I read “discussions” between Maya and Max users… and Maya users always win. Consider that I talk about top jobs. Also Softimage which was superior to Maya / Max in every segment also can not compete with Maya. Even Softimage users admit this. So, what is Maya secret? I ask couple times and always get same answer: Pipeline / workflow. Well, I never work in big studios which deal with really Big projects so this do not explain stuff to me :no_mouth:
Anyway one C4D users which use Maya on regular basis and own small / medium studio say to me same thing. Cinema is great, but it’s tailored to needs of individuals or small teams. When many people work on same project, use different software, work remote or outsource other studios, things start to fall in parts. One guy which work in medium sized studio tell me that his studio are Max only, but they have couple Maya seats, just because they in this way can communicate with other studios on same projects.
So Blender is not only software with this issue. For sure that Blender in future will be more friendly for Big Dogs, but this is future. For one year Blender make advance which is unbelievable… even stupido like me is able to use it :wink: But Blender can not resolve all things at once. For now developers must work on stability, performance, such stuff… at least I see things in this way. As user base grow, and Blender become more stable - robust… they can concentrate on this “famous” pipeline workflow.
For now Blender is here to stay. when you look on Artstation for example, Blender is now represented very well. Top professionals start to use Blender for his personal / portfolio work. Just one year before situation was very different.

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Haha, about four years too late - they should have offered that in 2016 when they wanted everybody to get onto their rental BS. Having used Max for well over a decade professionally I’m so accustomed to Blender now that Max feels alien and restrictive. But yeah that transition was bloody painful. They’d have to pay me now to even consider going back.

@alekba Maya is simply a long time standard. It’s not a better software - just well understood by the decision makers who will all be veterans with years in the industry and know how to wrangle data in it.

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For what? Max has at least as many free scripts as Blender.